Frends Developer | 44-64K

Do you have an interest to learn how to implement integration solutions using Frends eiPaaS?

Wanted: Frends Developer for integrations

Do you have an interest to learn how to implement integration solutions using Frends eiPaaS? Do you have couple of years of experience through work in the back end and do databases interest you? Or are you already familiar with Frends and like to develop integrations with it? Do you speak fluent Finnish?

If you answer Yes, Contact Us on a low threshold and let's discuss more - no need of CV´s or cover letters.

Frends and technology

Our specialty is our own low-code integration platform Frends, which we often use in our projects. Frends solves the digitalization challenges of both global and smaller customers and in both private and public sectors in various industries.

Check out Frends and learn more about it from our blog.

Integration teams

We work in our own small teams which increases team spirit. We are more than 130 experts of whom more than 70 work in our integration consultant teams, so you don´t have to solve the challenges by yourself .

The teams include Developers, Architects, Service Managers, and Project Managers. Some developers are completely focused on development work, while others also take care of planning, training or things that interest them most. We listen to our employees and strive to shape the role and career path to everyone’s liking.

We offer

  • competitive salary of 44-64K depending on experience

  • the opportunity to further develop and expand your skills

  • you get to evolve and develop new, no maintenance of old Legacy

  • flexible hybrid work mode - work from home or office

  • an employer who supports in various life situations

  • safe and stable workplace

  • skilled co–workers and own sparring team around, supporting supervisor

  • low hierarchy and flexible and relaxed organizational culture

  • comprehensive personnel benefits (e.g., learning platforms, extensive occupational health care and health insurance, lunch benefit, sport & cultural benefit vouchers, cultural and sports club, sick child care benefit)

”On the integration side, interfaces and technologies are constantly evolving and changing, which means that you can constantly explore and learn new things and deepen your skills.” -Frends developer.

Interested to join the Frendszone?

If this piqued your interest, we hope you will contact us via the form or by contacting Elina: elina.salo@frends.com.

No CV is needed - more important is to have a discussion with you.

The start is flexible according to your situation.

Role requires fluent Finnish and living in Finland.

It´s dangerous to integrate alone - integrate with Friends!


Inspiring colleagues & Open atmosphere

Flexible working hours

Child care

Amazing projects & Award winning work

Extensive Healthcare

Extensive health insurance

Culture & recreation advantages


Culture & sports club

Lunch benefit

Fully stacked café with coffee & fruits

Phone benefit



Training & Development

Online learning platforms

Study bonus

Office dogs

Find out more
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