Mobile applications

Almost every adult Finn has in their mobile phones an application designed and built by HiQ, probably you do too.

Genuinely effective solutions

Our mission is to find the right solution for our customers' business needs. The need could be to streamline internal processes with a flexible and cost efficient solution. Other times the target is to capture the hearts of consumers with well polished visual user experience. Our offering include services such as concepts, design, development and modern quality assurance.

For our customers our knowledge has transformed to solutions such as S-Mobile, Taksini for Lähitaksi and Snarveien and other Way apps for St1. We know we can help when it comes to getting your customers to open your app.

We understand mobile

Phones and apps in them travel with users everywhere they go. The apps enable them to interact with different services independent of time and place. Mobile devices bring cameras, virtual assistants, location information to customer's help. Additionally, sensors and accessories, such as watches, enable creation of unique solutions.

Thus, a partner with wide range of mobile experience and knowledge is invaluable. Do you know for example which OS version should be supported? Or what are the requirements for passing the AppStore review for release? How about risks associated with the future support for web-based mobile applications?

We bring the best practices and tools to the table. And all this is achieved scalable and cost efficient from our nearshore office. Additionally we're supported by our hundreds of colleagues around the Nordic. When useful, they complement our local offering of top-notch experts.

> 100

Mobile experts

> 2,5 M

App installs

> 130

Different test devices

Wide range of tools and technologies

We have implemented solutions, large and small, with a wide variety of technologies and environments. We use Unity, Swift, Java, Kotlin, React Native and Flutter among others to create the best solutions for our customers. Besides native apps, emerging approaches such as Progressive Web Apps (PWA) belong to our portfolio. On the high-end side we have created solutions for augmented reality (AR) on mobile and are even familiar with virtual reality (VR) solutions.

Support services for your mobile solution

When a product or service reaches production, we make sure things keep on working. High quality is ensured with traditional and automated testing. Automation is also key to development speed with automated processes (CI, CD). On top of these it is easy for our DevOps team to ensure uninterrupted service.

We also bring our expertise to your business' disposal. You can benefit for example on our market and technology followup. Do you have a solution that could do better? We also take over existing solutions and many times can quickly turn them onto positive track.

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Jonas Pomoell
Director, Mobile Servicesjonas.pomoell@hiq.fi