Microsoft 365 Services

We plan modern ways of working help you lead the change within your organization and develop your services continuously on Microsoft's Office 365 platform. 


Elevate Microsoft 365

With the correct knowledge work solutions you will improve work productivity, internal communication and employees' motivation instantly. By saving each employee 15 minutes of work every day, you can reach one million euro savings a year in a 650 person company. 

Plan & Design 

We help you to understand their current state and to clarify you vision for modern ways of working. We plan an ideal Microsoft 365 entity that enables meaningful work and fluent communication for Your entire organization. 

Technical Implementation 

We implement Microsoft 365 and Azure solutions according to Microsoft's best practices and by making use of previously developed components. Our agile project model enables the rollout of a modern intranet and team work services is efficient and simple. Planning and implementation of business critical solutions is based on our extensive knowledge of Azure and Microsoft 365 technologies, like Logic Apps, Function Apps, and Microsoft Power Platform.

Change Management

We help you define organization-specific efficient ways of working, lead the change and support end-users. For instance, rolling out Microsoft Teams does not require excessive technical implementation, but it requires sponsors, communication, common ways of working, support and trainings. When the whole organization embraces new ways of working, the advantages are notices by everyone. 

Continuous Support and Development 

We keep your environment steady and develop services with You. We plan continuous development according to Microsoft's Office 365 roadmap. We help following analytics and utilizing data to further develop Your Services. 

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