Intranet and vision for global communication for Lindström

HiQ implemented Lindström's global intranet for 4 000 employees in 2017. The solution was implemented on HiQ’s Elevate intranet solution supporting multilingual needs.

HiQ implemented global Lindström intranet for 4 000 employees. The solutions are implemented on HiQ’s Elevate Office 365 intranet solution supporting also multilingual needs. The main focus was on design and “Mobile First” concept, utilizing modern search functionalities and in UI implementation.

The roll out of new, global intranet was in December 2017 and local sites phase by phase after that. The Comments from end users after the global intranet roll out were positive:  “This is a very good tool for communicating things internally in subsidiaries.”  “Finally, we have a good tool for publishing info!”  ”Excellent search and clear navigation structure.”  The project with HiQ went very well. We got resilient and professional support in every field of the project. It´s very easy to work with HiQ and we got just what we needed: professional, reliable and active partner, says Tarja Hämäläinen, Project Manager at Lindström.

Easy and effective ways of working 

Lindström's goal was not only to implement a new intranet but also to adopt new modern ways of working with Office 365. Lindströmers also use Yammer, Office 365 Groups, Skype for Business and OneDrive for Business. The theme for new ways of working at Lindström is: We can all be modern work superheroes.  The greatest benefits for shared modern ways of working at Lindström are:

  • Easy to find and share info

  • Saved time and effort

  • Convenient collaboration and better communication

  • Easier decision making

  • Better service culture

  • Breaking silos

  • Intranet and knowledge work tools all in same Office 365 portal

HiQ supported Lindström in planning change leadership activities and vision for change. HiQ delivered support material as Vision video and other internal marketing material.  

HiQ's change leadership workshops gave us new ideas and tools for understanding the big picture and planning the change. There were people from different roles at workshops and everybody gave positive feedback, says Anitta Pirnes, Manager, Corporate Communication.

Lindström is one of Europe's leading textile service companies with 170 years of experience in the textile industry. Lindström offers a wide range of textile services ranging from workwear, protective equipment, mats, restaurant and hotel textiles to industrial mats and towels. The amount of personnel at Lindström is 4 000, half of it knowledge workers. Lindström has 80 offices in 24 countries.

Photo: Lindström Ltd

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