New Intranet and Teamwork Tools Make Working at Alko Smoother

HiQ implemented Alko's new Aula intranet which acts as a center for internal communications and as a chain management tool.

New Aula Intranet for Alko

The Challenge: Almost 20 Years Old Intranet Alvari Was Out of Date

Alko launched Alvari Intranet in 1998, serving Alko employees for 20 years. Alvari was the main channel for internal communication and although it was liked within the personnel, it no longer served current personnel needs. Alko also lacked the possibility for modern and mobile teamwork. Documents were managed mainly on network drives.

The Goal: To Modernize Internal Communication, Teamwork and Store Chain Direction

Alko's main goal was make communicative leadership up-to-date. This means that the new intranet and teamwork tools:

  • Contain information that can be trusted

  • Bring additional value to co-operation

  • Enable fluent work

  • Act as an efficient tool for store chain direction

  • Create a good feeling within Alko.

Alko has about 2,400 employees, 200 of whom are office staff and the rest work in stores. It was clear from the beginning that the new tools had to be clear and easy to use and available also on mobile devices.

The Solution: View to Information Via the New Intranet Aula

In Alko's View to Information project the new Aula intranet, which acts as a center for internal communications and as a chain management tool, was built in cooperation with HiQ. In addition to the intranet, Microsoft Teams and modern SharePoint team sites were introduced to the users.

HiQ participated in planning the entity and was responsible for the technical implementation as a whole. The project was divided into two phases: the new intranet was launched at the end of 2018 and in April 2019 the new teamwork tools were added to the set. In the project's second phase, the intranet was also developed according to user feedback.

The project's name, View to Information, described well that we wanted the new intranet to be the access point to all information relevant to the personnel. When we rolled out Aula intranet, we received development suggestions, that we were able to answer to within 6 months. It committed the users as they noticed that their wishes and ideas were taken into account. 

Tina Lassi
Alko's communications specialist

In addition to traditional intranet functionalities such as news, events etc., the stores' task list was also built within Aula intranet. In the store tasks users can see the current tasks of their store. Alko's development ideas are systematically collected and handled via the new IdeaBox. Alko's personnel magazine, Korkki, also got a new, digital version within the project.

As the old Alvari intranet was connected to several other systems, the intranet renewal required the investigation and modernization of multiple background systems along the way.

The Results: Modern Ways of Working for All Alko Employees

In Alko, it was taken care of that all employees were trained to use the new tools.

The change compared to the old intranet and network drives has been significant, says Tina Lassi.

Active communication and an open culture helped rolling out the change. Yammer acted as an excellent support and communication channel – Yammer had been in use within Alko already before the project.

The results have been praised by the employees 

Almost all dreams that we had imagined for the new intranet, have come true. The resilience and determinance within both, Alko and HiQ, helped in successfully finishing the project, says Tina Lassi with gratitude.

Alko's and HiQ's cooperation continues also after the project: development ideas still emerge and the Office 365 roadmap requires constant monitoring and planning.

HiQ is a good partner for us in internal communication and in the change of the ways in which we work, says Alko's Communications Director Maritta Iso-Aho.

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