Rauma's New Intranet Guides Toward Modern Ways of Working

Elevate intranet and collaboration services implemented by HiQ enable changing the way of working for city of Rauma employees.

City of Rauma - A New Intranet and Office 365 tools for more Modern Ways of Working

The Challenge: Fragmented Information Flow and Ways of Working

The City of Rauma has about 3,000 employees working in different roles from administration to field workers. Rauma wants to treat employees in different roles equally: everyone needs to have the possibility to modern, enjoyable and effective ways of working regardless of time and place. Before the launch of Office 365 tools working was the opposite: lots of information was distributed via email and files were saved to network drives. The intranet technology was out-of-date, information was hard to find and common ways of working were missing.

The Goal: Fluent Working Regardless of Time and Place

Rauma wanted to offer all personnel equal access to common information. Therefore, the mobile use of communication and work tools had to be guaranteed for all employees. In addition, ​the possibility for joint document collaboration and conversations had been wished for. The goal was that all Rauma users adopt the new tools seamlessly to be a part of their everyday work.

Rauma wanted to take Office 365 cloud service into use: a SharePoint Online -based intranet and collaboration tools. Office 365 was not in use in Rauma before, so new tools meant also a huge change to the ways to communicate and collaborate. Parallel to the intranet project another venture to migrate email service into the cloud was started.

The Solution: Elevate Intranet and Collaboration Services to Enable Change in Ways of Working

HiQ implemented a communicative intranet and a digital work environment to Office 365 for the City of Rauma. The intranet based on HiQ’s Elevate concept compiles all needed information for Rauma’s employees. Microsoft Teams and modern SharePoint team sites act as collaboration platform to teams and projects. In addition, Rauma rolled out the use of Yammer, to enable easy discussions over organizational boundaries.

HiQ supported Rauma to plan the change leadership and the governance model of collaboration tools. HiQ also delivered Rauma specific O365 introduction and communication materials, such as a launch video, that introduces new tools and opens the benefits to users.

Rauma’s personnel have welcomed the new tools eagerly. We organized an intranet name competition for the personnel, that led to numerous good suggestions. The choice for the name is “Jemma” (Stash in Finnish). During the project new intranet content producers have volunteered. They find the new intranet clear and easy-to-use.

Raija Lehtorinne
Communication Manager at the City of Rauma

The Results: All Important Tools in the Same Portal

Rauma’s employees got tools that are easy-to-use and clear operating models for internal communication and ways of working. All needed tools are found in the Office 365 service and also work in mobile. Different kinds of users have been taken into account when planning the minimum model, i.e. in shaping what tool is best for which purpose.

HiQ was chosen as Rauma’s new intranet implementation partner through a public competitive bidding process. The collaboration continues after the project.

"The project with HiQ wen well and the cooperation was effortless. We are very satisfied with the result", says Lehtorinne.

Rauma is a lively and friendly industrial and cultural city with around 40,000 residents. The City of Rauma was founded in 1442 and is the third oldest city in Finland. Rauma is home to two Unesco World Heritage Sites – a unique Nordic wooden town Old Rauma and a Bronze Age burial site Sammallahdenmäki.

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