Riveria – Rolling out Office 365 services with the new intranet

HiQ implemented a modern intranet for Riveria to answer the needs within a changed organization. Other Office 365 services were also extensively taken into use.

A New Modern Intranet for Riveria

The Challenge: New organization, new needs

The North Karelian vocational educational and training provider, Riveria's organization was renewed in 2018 due to the reform of vocational training. Nine separate schools merged into one. At the same time new communication and working tools and change to ways of working were needed.

The Goal: A Clear Intranet and Efficient Teamwork

The old intranet's structure was strongly organizational. Riveria wanted the new intranet for employees to be a clear and easy-to-use tool to guide operations and work. In addition, Riveria wanted to offer its employees a possibility for high-quality teamwork regardless of time, place and device. The aim was to publish the new tools in the beginning of August 2019, so that the tools would be ready by the beginning of the new school year.

The Solution: A New Intranet, Teams and Other Office 365 Services Broadly in Use

HiQ implemented Riveria's personnel intranet using modern SharePoint sites and utilizing Microsoft's default functionalities as much as possible. A customized feeling indicator was implemented to the intranet front page. The front page also constitutes of contents from many sources, for instance the most recent videos from Microsoft Stream. An important part of the project was renewing existing forms using Microsoft Forms and Microsoft Flow.

The most significant change in the new intranet was to start building the content structure in a new way. We are no longer tied to the organizational structure: the intranet structure remains coherent even if the organizational structure were to change. The users have given feedback that information can be well found in the new intranet.

Jatta Herranen
Riveria's pedagogical director

Riveria also took Microsoft Teams into use. This allows all employees to perform teamwork in a modern way. HiQ supported Riveria in the rollout of the new intranet and Teams by planning communication activities and by creating a presentation video for end-users.

The Results: Modern Ways of Working Promote New Academic Culture

The new intranet guides Riveria personnel's work and promotes unified academic culture. The intranet works perfectly on mobile devices and gives the personnel the possibility to discuss important topics. Microsoft Teams makes teamwork easier and enables communication with colleagues and partners.

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