Insight and competence for business development. We complement your industry expertise with a deep understanding of digitalization.

Only change is constant

Digitalization is changing operation models in all industries. Change brings possibilities and threats with it. Staying alert observing trends and anticipating profitable future moves helps to maintain and create competitive advance and success in the market.

We help our clients to stay in the sled of digitalization and sometimes even to gain forerunner position in the market by providing our expertise in following fields

  • Management strategy to gain advance though digitalization

  • Service management from concepts to practical

  • Innovation, bold experiments & concepts

  • Visual design, innovative UI design & execution

You have the knowledge of your business. We complement it with our deep understanding of digitalization and our solution focused creativity.


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Mikko Sairio
Director, Digital Servicesmikko.sairio@hiq.fi+358 44 338 5757