Integration needs assessment

Main purpose of the needs assessment is to determine desired goals for integration. Maybe getting rid of costly integration spaghetti or enable App based digitalization?

Integration needs assessment: Maximize your return of investment.

Have you already acquired integration platform, FRENDS for example for one need and you are considering how to get best of it?

Integration needs assessment is lighter process compared to designing of integration architecture or integration handbook. HIQ's integration consultant maps integration environments current status and target state. Result of the process is guidance for handling different kind of integration needs.

  • Do you want to get rid of integration spaghetti monster in your data center?

  • Have you considered utilizing mobile Apps or publishing transaction service, but your data is trapped in old legacy systems?

  • Are API's and API management something you are considering just know?

  • Do you have a need to bash costs by automation and have you thought about acquiring robotic process automation (RPA) system?

  • Could API powered system enable new sales channel for your business?

If you need answer to these questions - please contact us for needs assessment.


About this project

Antti Toivanen
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