Quality Assurance Services

HiQ offers comprehensive testing and quality assurance services. We provide with testing and quality assurance experts for projects or individuals for development teams.

Quality Assurance Services

HiQ's quality assurance services cover the entire life cycle of a project even more so. In well-managed projects we are involved even before forming into a project. For example, requests for tender, tenders and contracts all contain quality requirements to provide guidance for future work. The framework for software development changes and will change with a more rapid cycle. We are responding to this challenge by using existing practices that have been proven and by creating new ones when necessary, with the guiding principle always being to create the most effective quality assurance with given resources.


Our services cover testing throughout the system lifecycle from unit testing to maintenance testing. All the different testing phases are part of our daily work. We are particularly skilled in test design, test management, regression testing, test automation and functional testing.

Test Automation and RPA

Test automation can be used, for example, to automate regression testing, which reduces the need for manual testing, speeds up testing and reduces production errors in a cost-effective manner. RPA (Robotic Process Automation) speeds up entering large amounts of data into a system through a user interface. RPA can also be used to transfer information between separate systems without existing interfaces.

Static Quality Assurance

Static quality assurance covers everything except executable code testing and test planning. HiQ have strong tradition of various quality assurance methods. Reviews at code level and especially at the process and project level, greatly reduce defects and need for testing in later project phases.


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