A Modern and Mobile Intranet

HiQ implemented Åbo Akademi's intranet on modern SharePoint sites. The intranet guides both personnel and students everyday.

The Challenge

There was a clear need for renewing the university intranet as the previous intranet solution as at the end of its lifecycle and information was scattered on multiple platforms. Students and personnel also needed better possibilities for common communication and collaboration utilizing Microsoft 365 was a natural choice as it offers comprehensive services for modern communication, teamwork and information sharing on top of the new intranet.

Microsoft Teams was introduced for teamwork and Yammer for common conversations and information sharing for whole organization. HiQ supported Teams deployment by training and producing instructional materials for Teams users.

The Goals

There are around 5 500 undergraduate students, 780 postgraduates and 1 200 employees at Åbo Akademi University. The main goal of the intranet is to serve each role equally and user-friendly, enabling user to find most relevant content for them, regardless of their role, faculty or location.

Other key goals were streamlining everyday work, support collaboration and information sharing, and strengthen a common organizational culture. Clarity, ease of use and mobile use were the guiding ideas. The most common accessibility principles also had to be met. It was also important to build a stable but scalable solution that is easy to maintain and further develop – Microsoft best practices were followed all the way.

The Solution

HiQ implemented Åbo Akademi’s intranet with modern SharePoint Communication sites, utilizing default functionality always when possible. Required customizations were made based on Microsoft best practices and accessibility principles.

Intranet news posts are targeted based on faculty and role, enabling i.e. students for follow news specifically aimed for them. All news are nevertheless accessible for all the users – no unnecessary silos was created. HiQ also implemented an integration that pushes student news to Tuudo mobile app, that gathers together students’ most essential mobile services.

Åbo Akademi’s new intranet is entirely bilingual, hence it serves users in both Swedish and English. Åbo Akademi has almost one hundred intranet content editors who have done a great deal of work on new intranet content. HiQ instructed and trained all content editors.

We have a committed team that has worked hard for the new intranet.

Thurid Eriksson
Head of Communications at Åbo Akademi University

The Results

The new intranet of Åbo Akademi University was taken into use in January 2020.

- The end result was exactly what it was supposed to: the new intranet serves as an everyday guide for both staff and students. It is great to have all the content in two languages, says Thurid Eriksson.

The co-operation with HiQ went well and continues still.

- It's great to work with HiQ, and the project was carried out in good spirit. I have all the time relied on HiQ's project team’s expertise.


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