Arc Technology - HR Integrations

HiQ Integration Platform FRENDS provides integrations between Arc Technology's in-house, customer, and third-party information systems.

FRENDS simplifies HR management integrations

HiQ's integration platform FRENDS is a fast, secure and productive way to integrate third-party systems and partner processes into various services. On the platform, Arc Technology can provide a cost-effective and responsive way to visualize and monitor integration data and process streams.

“The technology collaboration enables Arc Technology software clients to effectively and real-time integrate with virtually any technology-based backend,” says Jukka Rautio, CEO of HiQ Finland.

“Our integration platform FRENDS enables various automation that significantly improves the customer experience. Cross-system process automation in human resource management and their importance for business is growing at an enormous rate, ”continues Rautio. Arc Technology delivers human resource management system solutions as a SaaS service and expert services to enhance customer performance. Their clients include companies, public organizations in municipal and state administration, and Finnish and international educational institutions.

HR's rather traditional IT environments are now rapidly renewing. HR management cloud services - where mobility is more important - allow for more flexible, user-friendly, and customized HR management. Our Arc MyDay mobile application, together with FRENDS, is one example of a mobile service where we can meet the expectations of our customers, who are used to constantly updated technology.


Kimmo Koivu

"Particularly FRENDS's pricing model that adapts to our model and close collaboration, including product development, with HiQ, is important to our customers," says Kimmo Koivu, CEO of Arc Technology.

“It's great to see Arc and FRENDS find a common key. In a network of software entrepreneurs, industry leaders get to know each other and work together to win the final customer. The Finnish software industry has a supportive culture and creates opportunities - not only that our expertise is world-class! Compared to Germany, for example, we have excellent networking and collaboration opportunities, but we still have work to do in terms of seamless cooperation between Israeli software companies, ”comments Rasmus Roiha, CEO of the Software Entrepreneurs Association.


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