S-Pankki Integrates with Frends iPaaS

S-Pankki implemented integrations, process automation and APIs with Frends. Development costs were 1/3 compared to previous implementation.

S-Pankki integrates with FRENDS
S-Pankki integrates with FRENDS

S-Bank enables digitalisation and automation with Frends integration platform

S-Bank is a fast-growing bank serving about 3 million customers. In particular, S-Bank has grown through its mobile bank: S-Bank's mobile application is the only Finnish application that connects a bank and a retailer.

S-Pankki - Appi älykellossa
S-Mobiili ranteessa
S-Pankki - Appi älykellossa
S-Mobiili ranteessa

For S-Bank's integrations, the challenge was an aging and unstable integration platform. S-bank wanted a new integration platform that was made from the perspective of an integration developer and chose Frends. S-Bank's own DevOps teams use the Frends integration platform to implement agile mini-services and process automation.

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The customer's environment is more stable than before with a third of previous costs. At the same time, the quality of the solutions has increased. During a major network outage, the services published on Frends continued to operate - even without connection to the Frends core. When the network connections resumed, Frends continued to operate without interruption.

The Frends integration platform combines technical reliability with agility and flexibility to meet rapidly changing business needs.


Jan Kortesalo

HiQ Finland has also implemented S-Mobile and is collaborating with S-Bank's own developers to implement Frends integrations.


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