S-Pankki Integrates with FRENDS

S-Pankki implemented integrations, process automation and APIs with FRENDS. Development costs were 1/3 compared to previous implementation.

S-Bank enables digitalisation and automation with FRENDS integration platform

S-Bank is a fast-growing bank serving about 3 million customers. In particular, S-Bank has grown through its mobile bank: S-Bank's mobile application is the only Finnish application that connects a bank and a retailer.

For S-Bank's integrations, the challenge was an aging and unstable integration platform. S-bank wanted a new integration platform that was made from the perspective of an integration developer and chose FRENDS. S-Bank's own DevOps teams use the FRENDS integration platform to implement agile mini-services and process automation.


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The customer's environment is more stable than before with a third of previous costs. At the same time, the quality of the solutions has increased. During a major network outage, the services published on FRENDS continued to operate - even without connection to the FRENDS core. When the network connections resumed, FRENDS continued to operate without interruption.

FRENDS-integraatioalustassa yhdistyvät tekninen luotettavuus sekä ketteryys ja joustavuus, joka mahdollistaa vastamaamisen nopeasti muuttuviin liiketoimintatarpeisiin.

Jan Kortesalo

HiQ Finland has also implemented S-Mobile and is collaborating with S-Bank's own developers to implement FRENDS integrations.


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