Teboil and HiQ - 30 years co-operation

HiQ provides fast and accurate data transfer to Teboil dealing with for example sales transactions. Data flows were run by FRENDS already in 1988.

Teboil and FRENDS - 30 years of co-operation

Teboil has been marketing petroleum products and LPG in Finland for 84 years. As a large retail company, Teboil needs fast, reliable and accurate data transfer, for example in processing sales transactions, point of sale parameters and other important data. FRENDS started to handle these data streams in 1988. At that time, the FRENDS1 OS / 2 platform was in use, and the amount of data and processing speed have increased significantly since then. Today, all sales are processed in milliseconds. This ensures real-time monitoring and fast sales and settlements. Teboil currently has a fourth-generation hybrid-ready FRENDS integration platform that manages the data streams of over 340 outlets. Data flows could not be more critical for business: prices, settlements, sales, dashboard parameters, etc.

We are pleased with the reliability, security and speed of the FRENDS integration platform as well as HiQ's services. With the FRENDS platform, we extend the lifetime of our legacy systems up to ten years, as we can use legacy systems and new systems side by side.

Tuukka Vepsäläinen
CIO, Teboil

Modernization of legacy systems causes headache for many companies. It is a long and laborious process that does not easily find funding. Increasing the lifetime of legacy systems will provide valuable additional time for migration projects. “HiQ's goal is to be a reliable partner for many years, not a single project supplier. Integration is more like a product than a project. As the needs of companies change over the years, it is our job to ensure that the product remains technically advanced. In order to provide process automation rather than just data integration, we need to understand the underlying business processes. We can only learn to understand the processes when we have genuine partners, ”says Antti Toivanen, who is responsible for HiQ integrations.


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Points of Sales

Oy Teboil Ab is a company engaged in the import, marketing, sales and distribution of oil and energy products in Finland. In 2018, the company's turnover was EUR 2 billion with a market share of 26.9 per cent.

Teboil's operations are divided into three business operations units. Retail division is comprised of a network of around 450 branches of service stations, unmanned stations, D-stations for commercial traffic, and customer cards. Wholesale division concerns the corporate sales and wholesale of fuel oils and diesel, the consumer sale of heating oil, and liquefied petroleum gas. Lubricant sales division markets Teboil lubricants for use in vehicles, machines and industry.

Teboil's national distribution network consists of 112 service stations and 208 unmanned stations, of which 64 are Teboil Express unmanned stations. Commercial traffic is served by 450 refuelling points, of which 217 are D-stations.

Teboil's service stations aim to provide the best service in the local area. Teboils are staffed by competent managers, making shopping at Teboil an easy and pleasant experience for customers. Depending on the location, service stations may not only sell fuel, but also include a café and restaurant, serve fast food, sell groceries and car accessories and provide car wash and maintenance services.  Teboil's car maintenance centres operate under the "Autoasi" brand thanks to Örum Oy, which further strengthens Teboil's established position as a reliable car maintenance company.

Oy Teboil Ab has operated successfully on the Finnish markets since 1934 and is owned by PJSC LUKOIL, one of the largest oil companies in the world.

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