Quality Defined, Designed & Delivered

Beautifully designed and crafted digital user experiences. Innovative end-to-end solutions with the most comprehensive maintenance in the industry. This and more is HiQ.


At HiQ we aim to simplify people’s lives through technology. Think of us as the one-stop shop where technology, design and communication intersect. We span the entire tech- and media landscape – from initial business development and innovation of new services, all the way to implementation, marketing and maintenance.


Insight and competence for business development. We complement your industry expertise with a deep understanding of digitalization.

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Time of digital transformation is here. Focus on a smart digital strategy and the digital leap that follows, ensure your companys' competitive edge now and in the future.

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The ability to integrate is in the core of the business. Read more about our integration services with hyperautomation and digital integration hub capabilities.

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We join the RPA tool UiPath with pervasive integration platform FRENDS and pour in some Machine Learning - the result is Hyperautomation platform.

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Maintain & Improve.

We take care of your digital investment making sure solutions function and stay up to date. We provide comprehensive maintenance services either packaged or customized.

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Our Unique


The backbone of our strong integration expertise is our long-term and ongoing investment in our own integration platform. On the design side we're boldly reaching far beyond the traditional under the Great Apes brand.