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We simplify the world with creative technical solutions. Our professionals work with largest companies in Finland to create solutions that change the marketspace.


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Enable situational awarness with iPaaS
Port of Hanko selected Frends to ensure a 24/7 situational awareness snapshot of the port.
Silta’s mobile payroll app
Security for the maintenance and development of a mobile payroll service
A long-term, evolving partnership.
The long-lasting partnership between ABB and HiQ actively supports the global quote-order-delivery process.
HiQ Modernises Keva's Digital Services
HiQ modernised Keva's digital services and delivered a future-proof integration platform
Trusted partner for gaming support systems
HiQ is a trusted partner for the further development, maintenance and on-call support of Veikkaus' gaming support systems.
Accessibility project for asset management
HiQ increased the accessibility and improved the user experience of LähiTapiola's online investment and asset management services
Smart solutions for connected equipment
Together with Hiab we are designing and building smart solutions all around connected equipment.
Kiireinen golfkausi pyörii tukipalvelulla
HiQ tuo pelivoimaa eBirdie-ekosysteemin kehittämiseen ja ylläpitämiseen.
Nemus Futurum
Nemus Futurum is Metsä Group’s interactive and comprehensive visitor experience showcasing sustainable forest management and the Finnish forests.
Levi Ski Resort App
The Levi Resort application provides quick and easy access to all of Levi Ski Resort’s outdoor adventures.
Taksini - a modern transportation solution
A digital platform to support Lähitaksi's business needs utilised by easy-to-use and customer-friendly mobile application.
From integration to hyperautomation
Aalto uses pervasive iPaaS frends for hundreds of APIs, integration processes and AI based hyperautomation.
Eltel's modern process automation
Automated work order processes bring cost savings, reliability and transparency
Mobile loyalty proven
Mobile app produced by HiQ brings St1 customers to stations for fuel, to enjoy coffee and more
OmaSATO – Your home in the pocket
OmaSATO is a service for all residents of SATO apartments. It is a web service, providing residents with a variety of features.
S-Pankki Integrates with Frends iPaaS
S-Pankki implemented integrations, process automation and APIs with Frends. Development costs were 1/3 compared to previous implementation.
Bringing the technology to the modern age
HiQ recently upgraded the existing technology and helped ensure that the service also remains secure and easy to use in the future.
Enable situational awarness with iPaaS
Port of Hanko selected Frends to ensure a 24/7 situational awareness snapshot of the port.
Turku Enegria integrates with Frends
With Frends integration platform, Turku Energia has agile integration development and has modified their old integrations to be more effective.
Helen integrates with FRENDS
Helen has implemented hundreds of integrations and APIs with FRENDS Hybrid Integration Platform.

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