Our Recent Work

We simplify the world with creative technical solutions. Our professionals work with largest companies in Finland to create solutions that change the marketspace.


More case studies

Mobile loyalty proven
Mobile app produced by HiQ brings St1 customers to stations for fuel, to enjoy coffee and more
OmaSATO – Your home in the pocket
OmaSATO is a service for all residents of SATO apartments. It is a web service, providing residents with a variety of features.
A Modern and Mobile Intranet
HiQ implemented Åbo Akademi's intranet on modern SharePoint sites. The intranet guides both personnel and students everyday.
Teboil and HiQ - 30 years co-operation
HiQ provides fast and accurate data transfer to Teboil dealing with for example sales transactions. Data flows were run by FRENDS already in 1988.
S-Pankki Integrates with FRENDS
S-Pankki implemented integrations, process automation and APIs with FRENDS. Development costs were 1/3 compared to previous implementation.
Helen integrates with FRENDS
Helen has implemented hundreds of integrations and APIs with FRENDS Hybrid Integration Platform.
Turku Enegria integrates with FRENDS
With FRENDS integration platform, Turku Energia has agile integration development and has modified their old integrations to be more effective.
Pro Nemus Innovation Center
Pro Nemus Innovation Center is designed as a stage for interactive digital experiences, constructed entirely out of ecological Finnish wood.
Explore State Spending
Tutkihankintoja.fi is a service that allows citizens, companies and interest groups to explore the Finnish government spending.
Digital Driving Licence
Completely re-imagining how a digital ID could work utilizing innovative security features.
Sijoittamisen ja varainhoidon palvelut
LähiTapiolalle sijoittamisen ja varainhoidon verkkopalveluiden toiminnallinen ja visuaalinen suunnittelu sekä tekninen toteutus.

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