In the best partnerships, everyone wins – HiQ invests in growth with a network of experts

HiQ is strengthening its network of experts by recruiting and actively seeking new partnerships.

With HiQ's renewed strategy, growth targets have been set even higher. Elina Haapamäki, Sourcing Manager at HiQ, says that the company has a team of four people who focus entirely on subcontracting partnerships.

"In order to become the leading IT consultancy in Finland and the Nordic countries, we have focused on growing our sales strongly. Systematic growth of our partnership network is an essential part of this."

Cooperation is seen as bringing significant benefits to all parties involved. According to Haapamäki, there are currently around 70 partner consultants working on projects.

"We are able to offer our partners interesting projects where they can develop their skills. At the same time, we have the flexibility to provide the specific expertise our customers need, even on a short timeframe."

Bytecraft supports high-quality software development

One of HiQ's long-term subcontractors is Bytecraft, a consultancy firm that says its goal is to improve the technical quality of software. The company was founded on the ideology of software craftsmanship, with a focus on high-quality software development and the development of correct practices.

Bytecraft's General Manager Antti Siukola says that quality software development is characterised by a genuine ability to understand the customer's business and find technically high-quality solutions to their problems.

"We are always looking at ways to improve software robustness, for example. How do you do development work so that you can still make changes at a later stage and keep costs reasonable?"

Siukola believes that cooperation with HiQ is natural because of a similar work ethic and way of thinking.

"HiQers have the same straightforward way of doing things as we do. Working with experienced professionals is smooth, and things are moving forward."

Siukola sees long-term cooperation as fruitful for both parties.

"The partnership with HiQ allows Bytecraft professionals to have a wider range of projects and more choice. As a subcontractor, sales are also outsourced, and sales costs can therefore be better predicted."

General Manager, Bytecraft

Antti Siukola

At the same time, HiQ has the flexibility of having reliable professionals at its disposal.

"Our professionals don't need to be herded; they certainly know their stuff. Clients usually want to keep them for longer."

Ongoing cooperation also gives a boost to interaction.

"We are able to talk about targets and prices directly. If it were a one-off collaboration, neither company would attach so much importance to it."

We are constantly looking for new partnerships to our network of talent, such as application developers, scrum masters, project managers, testers, business analysts, and cloud experts.

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