"Work should be adapted to other life, not just the other way around"

HiQ's HR specialist Liinu is finishing her master's degree while working. The flexible work culture of HiQ enables her to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Liinu, 26, was traveling through Europe when her friend tipped her off about an HR trainee position at HiQ. Liinu participated in the interview remotely from a hotel room in Berlin. Liinu, studying at the Oulu School of Economics, believed that a versatile role in recruitment and HR would help her gain valuable experience for her future career.

"I get to try a variety of things that are not directly within the scope of my role. In addition to recruitment and headhunting, I have been able to learn about recruitment marketing and employer branding. My supervisor Tiina is extremely encouraging and ensures that we get to develop and do things that are genuinely interesting to us," Liinu reflects.

Liinu's internship went well, and right after that Liinu got a permanent job as an HR specialist. Her studies continue alongside work. HiQ's flexible work culture enables work and studies to be combined: Liinu can work fewer hours and focus on exam weeks whenever necessary. Many others also choose to work reduced hours, and it is usually easy to arrange.

"My studies progress while I get to work on my own terms, which is great. My school is in Oulu, but I mainly study remotely. However, sometimes the exams are on site, and then I can conduct interviews remotely, for example," describes Liinu.

In addition to flexible working hours, the work location is mostly up to the employees themselves. Clients sometimes require working in a certain place, but usually, it doesn't matter where the work is done - as long as it gets done. The free telecommuting policy also makes it possible to work while traveling. Last summer, Liinu and her colleagues went to Spain for a week to work remotely. The idea came in the morning, and by late evening they were already at the destination.

"We thought together that now would be a good time to work from abroad; our calendars’ had a bit of extra space in them. In the end, the week was really full of work, especially for me. I had about 15 job interviews to conduct. Fortunately, remote interviews are really popular these days and after long workdays, it was wonderful to enjoy the Spanish summer."

HiQ's Liinu, Oona & Toni in Spain
HiQ's Liinu, Oona & Toni in Spain

The possibility of working remotely has been part of HiQ's culture for a long time. Many feel that they need a longer period in the sun during Finland's gloomy winter months. Working from abroad is usually easy, especially in the EU region.

Of course, visiting office regularly has its advantages, and it's nice to meet colleagues. Liinu often goes to the office 3–4 times a week and actively participates in-office events and clubs, such as tennis coaching and a karaoke club. Over the years, many kinds of sports trials, cultural excursions, and casual encounters have been carried out. The most recent event was a Paint & Wine event, where you could paint abstract art and drink wine together.

"Thanks to these events I have gotten to know colleagues with whom I would otherwise not work with. I think the sense of community and an open, relaxed atmosphere is one of the most valuable parts of our culture, and also sets us apart from others. I have long wanted to participate in the Paint & Wine course, and when the opportunity presented itself, I was immediately excited to participate.”

I think the sense of community and an open, relaxed atmosphere is one of the most valuable parts of our culture, and also sets us apart from others.

HR Specialist


In addition to culture and activities, the work itself is of course also important. Liinu, who describes herself as open and empathetic, enjoys working with people, where even an ordinary conversation can be hugely significant for both parties. The best feelings of success come when Liinu convinces the applicants to join the HiQ team.

"Senior-level developers in particular must be actively searched, because so few of them are available. It's great when after dozens of conversations, I get the applicant excited about the position. The IT world has proven to be extremely fascinating. I admire the professionalism and know-how with which the developers know how to build well-functioning, complex and huge entities."

Over the next few years, Liinu aims to complete her master's degree and develop further as a recruitment expert. A job at HiQ guarantees that she gets to delve into the topics that interest her the most, such as the development of the employer's image, on a very practical level.

Studying and working at the same time can be overwhelming, but Liinu believes she can balance the two. The goal is to prioritize free-time and well-being, not only now, but for the rest of her career.

"The best thing about working at HiQ is that the work can be adapted to other life; and not just the other way around. Work is an important part of my life, but not my whole life. Younger generations in particular value more and more the balance between work and free time. I believe one can be ambitious about your work without it taking up a lifetime.”

Liinu's story is a part of the #HiQPeople series, which showcases hiqers' life stories & personas beyond the job titles.


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