Great Apes

Great Apes is an award-winning avant-garde digital studio from Helsinki specializing in experimental and innovative digital design & development.

Great Apes

We are a tight group of industry veterans and a handful of promising talents who engineer digital services with a strong focus in custom well‑crafted user experience. We believe that people should find our work meaningful, logical, easy to use and fun to return to.

Our talent and interest ranges from conceptual and visual design to technical implementation and in the best cases our involvement covers all disciplines, delivering a balanced work of joyful digital experience. We work either as a task force delivering projects from start to end on our own or as experts in a larger team within HiQ, our corporate home, as well as together with the network of other esteemed companies and individuals.

We love our craft. We love creative challenges. We love great user experiences.

Great Apes is currently the most internationally awarded digital design studio in Finland.

Great Apes

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