Accessibility Project for Asset Management

HiQ increased the accessibility and improved the user experience of LähiTapiola's online investment and asset management services

Finanssisektorilla verkkopalveluiden saavutettavuus on noussut yhdeksi käyttäjälähtöisen ja vastuullisen toiminnan merkkipaaluista. LähiTapiola halusi parantaa omien sijoittamiseen ja varainhoitoon keskittyvien digipalveluidensa käytettävyyttä ja nostaa samalla palveluidensa saavutettavuuden vastaamaan EU-direktiivin vaatimuksia. Tässä vaativassa ja tiukan aikataulutuksen omaavassa kokonaisuudessa HiQ osoittautui joustavaksi ja osaavaksi kumppaniksi.
HiQ nosti LähiTapiolan sijoittamisen ja varainhoidon verkkopalveluiden saavutettavuuden EU-direktiivin vaatimalle tasolle ja paransi käyttäjäkokemusta

In the financial sector, the accessibility of online services has become one of the landmarks of user-centred, responsible operations. LähiTapiola wanted to improve the usability of its digital services for investment and asset management while at the same time raising the accessibility level of its services to meet the requirements of the current EU directive. HiQ proved to be a flexible, competent partner in this demanding and tightly scheduled project.

HiQ handled LähiTapiola’s accessibility project on a turnkey basis, covering the accessibility assessment, functional and visual design, technical implementation, testing, maintenance, support, and development of the online services for investment and asset management.

The main objective was to bring LähiTapiola’s websites in line with the requirements of the national digital services act and the EU Web Accessibility Directive, as well as the level A and AA criteria of the global WCAG guidelines.

Building Accessibility Requires Careful Attention to User Actions

Accessibility is a multidimensional issue, where the accessibility of digital services is assessed from the user's perspective in the light of different aspects. The key elements of accessibility are perceptibility, operability, understandability, robustness, and compliance with guidelines. To meet these criteria, the work requires accuracy and perceptiveness with a focus on the realities of the user. Accessibility testing and verification are, therefore, key to assessing the fulfilment of the accessibility criteria and the service experience of the user.

LähiTapiola's Accessible Services now Offer an even Better Service Experience for Investor Customers

As a consequence of the solution provided by HiQ, the perceptibility and understandability of the content of LähiTapiola's online investment and asset management services, as well as the operability and robustness of the user interfaces and navigation, now meet international accessibility standards. The services are accessible on most browsers on Windows and macOS computers, as well as on iOS and Android smartphones, in compliance with WCAG 2.1 A and AA criteria.

LähiTapiola customers can trade and manage their investments online. The service includes both funds and online services for asset management clients. Through these services, customers have access to near real-time information on their portfolio, portfolio performance, asset classes, and returns. In addition, information on the customer’s contact person is easily visible, making it easy to get in touch. The services can be accessed on computers and mobile devices by authenticating with a bank or mobile ID.

"Our cooperation is best described by trust and transparency in everything we do, as well as our desire to work together towards a common goal in a solution-oriented, customer-focused manner, respecting deadlines. The HiQ team has brought a new kind of clarity and user-friendliness to our digital services, which our customers appreciate. And we will continue to develop our services together – with user-friendliness as the first priority.”

Service Director, LähiTapiola Varainhoito Oy

Tero Saarinen

A Long Partnership and the HiQ Team's Solid Knowledge of the Financial Industry Guarantee a Successful Project

HiQ has long been a partner of LähiTapiola Asset Management. Industry knowledge, versatile expertise, and flexibility are the cornerstones of this cooperation.


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