Busy Golf Season Runs on Support Services

HiQ powers the development and maintenance of the eBirdie ecosystem in the busiest season of the year.

HiQ:n SLA-pohjainen tukipalvelu tarjoaa Golfliitolle eBirdie-palvelujen huolettoman ylläpidon, pienkehityksen sekä mahdollisuuden keskittyä tärkeämpiin asioihin kuten palvelun ja kumppaniyhteistyön kehittämiseen. Lisäksi kuukausittain sovittu kiinteä tukikaista helpottaa budjetointia ja kustannusten seurantaa.

HiQ's SLA-based support service offers the Golfliitto worry-free maintenance of eBirdie service, continuous development and the opportunity to focus on more important things such as the development of the service and partner cooperation. In addition, a monthly fixed support team facilitates budgeting and cost monitoring.

In the spring of 2021, the Golfliitto chose HiQ as its new digitalization partner to maintain and further develop the association's eBirdie solution. HiQ develops the service package in cooperation with Golfliitto.

Focus on the Most Important Things

The entity taken over by HiQ is very extensive. The maintenance agreement includes Golfliitto's eBirdie service, eBirdie mobile application, background system and interface services that connect service providers, as well as technical customer support for the whole.

The eBirdie service covers the Golfliitto's central register and other important gaming systems. The takeover was challenging and involved setting up all the backend systems and app store accounts from scratch. Careful planning and daily cooperation enabled an organized and trouble-free transfer on the schedule.

"The cooperation with HiQ has worked excellently and we have gained a flexible and reliable partner to support the operation and development of our digital services. By combining Golfliitto's solid industry knowledge and HiQ's diverse and comprehensive IT professional network, we can successfully develop the eBirdie service further - for the benefit of our member clubs and their players."

Toiminnanjohtaja, Golfliitto

Juha Korhonen

User-oriented Service Development

Golfliitto chose HiQ as a digitalization partner based on HiQ's strong evidence and versatile expertise. The HiQ team is also united by a strong passion for playing golf and the desire to bring smart and reliable digital services to member clubs and players across the country. This forms an excellent basis for value-added partnership and user-friendly services.



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