HiQ Modernises Keva's Digital Services

HiQ modernised Keva's digital services and delivered a future-proof integration platform

HiQ modernised Keva's digital services and delivered a future-proof integration platform
HiQ modernised Keva's digital services and delivered a future-proof integration platform

By tender, the pension agency Keva selected HiQ as its digital services implementation partner. A major factor for the decision was HiQ's ability to provide comprehensive, industry-leading expertise for powering Keva's service development. Another significant factor was the agile delivery model that will support Keva's renewing service portfolio and its development to meet the needs of the 2020s.

Customer needs and expectations are changing as the pension market changes

Keva aims to deliver the best customer experience in the industry – to better meet customer expectations by improving the quality and up-to-date nature of digital services. Keva also wants to allow for more flexible, agile, and cost-effective procurement.

Keva wanted to improve the usability of its digital services to a more competitive level through a modern implementation that would improve the customer experience.

Modern digital services also utilise analytics and forecasting

HiQ is focusing on the implementation of Keva's digital services, such as online services and their backend systems. Keva's digital services have been made easy to use, accessible, and intuitive.

In developing services to support longer working lives, HiQ has also brought in the use of analytics and forecasting. This creates new opportunities for improving the targeting of future services.

The integration platform matters – Frends brings power and easier maintainability

Together with Keva, HiQ has made technical and architectural choices that will make digital services more technically reliable and efficient for years to come. Keva’s requirements for its integration platform were cost-effectiveness, easy maintenance, and efficiency. And the solution was found in Frends!

Frends stood out from the crowd, especially because of its smooth usability. Through the Frends interface, the status of integrations is easy to manage and monitor. Moving legacy integrations to Frends both made them more efficient and brought savings in licensing costs. Keva has been pleased with its choice – Frends is seen as a fast and cost-effective integration solution on which it will be easy to develop modern services.

Partnership results in a wide range of digital services that improve the customer experience

Cooperation between the development and implementation teams of Keva and HiQ is close and smooth. The cooperation has borne fruit, and many new digital services have been opened for Keva's customers. HiQ has also been actively involved in the development and implementation of the following services: the My Pension online service for personal customers, further development of the data management system Key Data, implementation of the Work Ability Paths learning game, and further development of the Questionnaires system.

Keva has also been happy with the level of expertise and working culture among HiQ's consultants.

"The HiQ team is made up of proactive professionals with whom projects can be completed efficiently and reliably. In addition, choosing Frends as an integration platform has proven smart. Our partnership makes building the digital services of the future advanced and efficient. HiQ does what it promises and has positively exceeded our expectations."

IT Manager, Keva

Kalle Kannisto


Keva is Finland’s largest pension provider, handling the pensions of local government authorities, the State, the Evangelical Lutheran Church, and Kela employees. Our statutory role is also linked to reducing the risk of disability. We carry out our mission by, for example, offering employers a wide range of work-life services and research-based information to support work ability management.

Keva is an independent body governed by public law, and its operations are based on the Public Sector Pensions Act JuEL (Finlex.fi) and the Keva Act (Finlex.fi). Keva is supervised by the Ministry of Finance, the Financial Supervisory Authority, and the National Audit Office of Finland.

Keva serves a total of 1.3 million public sector employees and pensioners, as well as some 2,000 employer customers, i.e., local government organisations, State employers, and parish unions. Keva employs around 500 people. www.keva.fi


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