Silta’s mobile payroll app

Security for the maintenance and development of a mobile payroll service

HiQ ensures that Silta’s Simo mobile payroll app remains at the forefront of its industry.

Silta is a Finnish payroll and financial management specialist company, through which more than 100,000 Finns get their pay every month. One of the company's competitive advantages is the Simo app, which brings the payslip directly to the user's mobile phone.

"Simo is today’s app. People have their whole lives on their phones – the payslip should also be quickly available without having to search through an online bank", says Henna Turunen, Development Manager and Data Protection Officer at Silta.

According to Turunen, Simo, which was developed in collaboration with HiQ, is so easy to use that it doesn't even need user manuals.

For privacy reasons, the first time a user logs in, strong authentication will be required, after which they can easily log in with a fingerprint or PIN. One of the most popular features of the app is the automatic monitoring of the income limit.

"Simo sends a notification to the user when their income limit is about to be reached. Tax cards and medical certificates can also be sent directly to payroll via the app."

The app already has 26,000 users, and its review score exceeds four stars. Turunen praises HiQ's effective DevOps model which means that Silta always has a dedicated development team at its disposal.

"HiQ ensures that our Simo app works on all phone models, which are constantly being updated. We do our own testing, but it is important to have a partner who is genuinely aware of the changing mobile landscape and can anticipate future development needs."

Henna Turunen
Development Manager and Data Protection Officer at Silta

Turunen recommends HiQ as a partner for any company with a mobile app.

"The HiQers are really friendly, and they are professionals in their field. We receive same-day responses to our tickets and can rely on Simo to always perform flawlessly. You may not always think about how much background work is required to maintain an application."

Tailored mobile support as a service

HiQ's Business Director Jonas Pomoell says that the mobile support used by Silta has been in place for two years. Since then, many other companies have started using the service, including St1.

"We wanted to develop tailored and specialised support for mobile solutions. We are in all the beta programs by both Apple and Google, and we are constantly monitoring the development of operating systems. Automated error reporting, security updates, and responding to customer feedback are an integral part of our service," Pomoell explains.

The market situation of customers and competitors is also monitored.

"In Silta’s case, we have the honour of delivering reports that prove that the Simo app is beating all its competitors in customer reviews. The same is true for most of the keywords in the industry," Pomoell says with a smile.

Pomoell believes that Silta is a pioneer in its field.

"Silta operates in a traditional sector where it is customary to do things in a certain way. It's been great to see how they have managed to digitalise their operations and make everyday life easier for employees."


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