Better digital experience for B2B clients

St1 strengthens the service offering of its B2B customers. The St1 Business service makes it easier to refuel, order new cards and report.

St1 strengthens the service offering of its B2B customers in Nordic countries by streamlining digital transactions. The St1 Business service, launched in October 2022, makes it easier for business customers to refuel, order new cards and report.

HiQ's long-term client St1 launched a new service package for its 15,000 business card customers. The package consists of a business portal and a mobile application. St1 Business service enables company employees to have a simple refueling experience with their mobile device, without a payment card. Employees don’t have to worry about receipts, as the service reports expenses in real time and creates a centralized invoice for the company.

St1 Business makes everyday life easier for companies by offering a transparent way to manage cards and track costs. New cards can be ordered directly from the portal and linked to the driver for immediate use.

User's own page in the service.
User's own page in the service.

St1's business customers have welcomed the new service enthusiastically: the number of users has grown considerably during the beginning of 2023. Native technologies were used to enable the best possible user experience in the mobile application.

"We wanted the application to be as high-quality, efficient, and fast as possible for its users. Through the app we can offer a smooth and safe way to refuel", says Tia Rytkönen, St1's Operating Coordinator.

In addition to refueling, the application can be combined with other functionalities that make everyday life easier for business customers. St1 constantly collects customer feedback and takes into account the wishes and needs of the target group in its service development.

Smooth refueling experience.
Smooth refueling experience.

A committed technology partner to support growth

St1 Business was implemented as a joint project of Finland, Sweden and Norway. The service was developed in workshops in which representatives from all the countries participated. HiQ facilitated cooperation and acted as a sparring partner when the customer needs, business goals, and priorities of each country were compiled for the solution. In addition, HiQ acted as a partner in service design and technical implementation.

"HiQ is an important partner for us, with whom we have come a long way. Our plan is to continue cooperation where both parties are committed to the continuous development of joint processes", says Eero Laukkanen, St1's B2B Digital Manager.

Our partnership with HiQ enables us to remain pioneers in our field and to be able to react to the constantly developing market.

B2B Digital Business Manager, St1

Eero Laukkanen

Laukkanen praises HiQ's expertise in the field of service design and design.

"We have truly multifaceted cooperation with account managers, project managers and developers. HiQ has competent employees, and especially the top-notch design expertise has made a significant impact on the end user's experience. Our partnership with HiQ enables us to remain pioneers in our field and to be able to react to the constantly developing market."

HiQ's Design Team Lead, Saana Turunen, praises the successful cooperation in the Nordic project.

"We were able to create a clear definition, goals and priorities for an ambitious and long-term project, and bring them to the finish line with persistent interaction. The cooperation between St1 and other partners went well, despite the extraordinary corona period and cross-border cooperation," says Turunen.


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