HiQ Finland

We are a creative tech consulting company that uses innovation and deep technical know-how to build the most outstanding digital solutions in the universe.

Your One-Stop Digital Partner

We understand business, people and technology, and how everything is connected. We are at the intersection of these areas and our goal is to simplify and improve people's lives.

Our ability to build transaction-intensive systems and at the same time discuss and deeply understand digital strategies, usability and marketing makes us unique.

We offer a powerful blend of talent: disruptive thinkers, innovative designers, creative developers and insightful data engineers working in cross-functional teams. With deep technical know-how and broad understanding of people, communication, and business, we help our clients seize digital opportunities and overcome the challenges in the fast-paced world around us.

Our 2000 experts in four countries work together with our clients who, like HiQ, want to make the world a bit simpler and more fun. HiQ was established in 1995 and since 2020 owned by Triton.



We create winning results. After all the most important thing is that we deliver our customers what they need: genuinely valuable services and solutions.


We aim for individual responsibility within team members. This principle enables us to care for the details while delivering projects in schedule - many times even exceeding our customer expectations.


We keep it simple. By sharing responsibility, doing things flexibly and creatively we create simply working solutions.


We bring joy. It means that everyone is allowed to be who they are. Joy increases openness and creativity. That is why we invest as much as into people as serving our customers.

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HiQ Finland

Key Personnel

Janne Ahonen
Managing Directorjanne.ahonen@hiq.fi+358 40 7725 793
Jani Laitasalo Kekkonen
VP, Operationsjani.laitasalo.kekkonen@hiq.fi+358 400 612 644
Teemu Nymander
VP, Salesteemu.nymander@hiq.fi+358405132225
Sami Hammarberg
VP, Technologiessami.hammarberg@hiq.fi+358 40 125 7071
Mika Kinnunen
VP, Subcontractingmika.kinnunen@hiq.fi+358 45 111 0174
Kaisa Kujamäki
Chief Financial Officerkaisa.kujamaki@hiq.fi
Juuso Pihamaa
Director, Great Apesjuuso.pihamaa@hiq.fi+358 40 750 5539
Tiina Laaksonen
VP, Human Resourcestiina.laaksonen@hiq.fi+358 50 431 06 82
Aino Yrjänä
Chief Marketing Officeraino.yrjana@hiq.fi
Laura Lehtinen
Head of Public Bid Office, HiQ Publiclaura.lehtinen@ambientia.fi
Mira Ekbom
Head of Sales, HiQ Publicmira.ekbom@ambientia.fi+358 50 4757 023
Sami Pippuri
Business Director, HiQ Publicsami.pippuri@ambientia.fi+358 41 430 4128

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