HiQ Finland

HiQ delivers hiqh quality and modern digital services to create business value and joy for customers.

This thing called HiQ

HiQ Finland specializes in demanding online business and e-business solutions, process integration and quality assurance. HiQ stands for High Quality. It describes our operations - we commit ourselves to the highest quality in everything we do. We provide our customers with complete systems, component implementations and the necessary professionals for the projects.

HiQ was established in 1995 and is since 2020 owned by Triton. Our 2000 experts in four countries work together with our clients who, like HiQ, want to make the world a bit simpler and more fun.

Our name comes from our most important mission statement: "High Quality".


Key Personnel

Jukka Rautio
Managing Directorjukka.rautio@hiq.fi+358 9 4355 860
Mika Huovinen
Deputy Managing Director, Business Directormika.huovinen@hiq.fi+358 40 503 8725
Pasi Anila
Sales Directorpasi.anila@hiq.fi+358 400 30 1400
Mika Kinnunen
Director, Subcontractingmika.kinnunen@hiq.fi+358 45 111 0174
Jani Laitasalo Kekkonen
Business Area Lead, Digital Business & Managed Servicesjani.laitasalo.kekkonen@hiq.fi+358 400 612 644
Juuso Pihamaa
Business Area Lead, Great Apesjuuso.pihamaa@hiq.fi+358 40 750 5539
Timo Maisila
Business Area Lead, Automationtimo.maisila@hiq.fi+358 40 776 0968
Tiina Laaksonen
HR & Recruitmenttiina.laaksonen@hiq.fi+358 50 431 06 82
Heikki Tammela
Sales Director, Frendsheikki.tammela@hiq.fi
Pekka Hyvönen
Chief Financial Officerpekka.hyvonen@hiq.fi+358 9 4355 860

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