Cloud platforms offer completely new opportunitties for data utilisation, availability and much more.

Improve your Services with Cloud

Cloud services naturally serve as a basis for digital services, micro-services and digital commerce platforms. Most of our clients run their service backends on the cloud and the rest are considering moving there. By investing in cloud services, you invest in security and efficiency, reduce the time spent on maintenance and save time for developing your core business. In addition, the resources are more flexible, the scaling is automatic, and the configuration options are versatile.

Effective use of cloud services is one of the cornerstones of modern digital business. When moving to a cloud platform, our customers get access to the most current possible infrastructure, the benefits of the data center investments of international giants, and an endless scale advantage. Many times, cloud services are only seen as slightly more agile infrastructure, but in fact, the most significant benefits come from elsewhere. Cloud platforms offer a completely new opportunity for data utilisation and availability, micro-services, and value-added services, such as automation and AI solutions.

We are platform agnostic, and we embrace the cloud, its flexibility, and the opportunity it provides for us to improve our clients' lives dramatically. Improve how? By providing higher quality, more cost-effective production, better maintainability, and more openness for development during service/product lifetime.

Broad Expertise you can rely on

In practice, our experts can help you in cloud strategy, transformation, architecture, technology and in general, the process of getting the most out of the cloud. We’re also happy to conduct cloud audits and cloud resource and cost optimisation. Cloud is also ingrained with our offering in microservices and DevOps tooling, in the form of automated monitoring, scaling, testing and deployment pipelines, version control, A/B testing.

Our team of multi-disciplinary masterminds can also tackle data transformation and storage challenges, and utilize machine learning, analysis, integrations and data delivery to supercharge your business. Our cloud & data capabilities, combined with our skills to deliver business-critical digital services makes us an impeccable digitalisation partner.

We can see the opportunities of cloud from different perspectives, and our team of business designers, cloud specialists, tech leads and data analysts are ready to get to know you better. Contact us today!

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