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Unlock competitive advantages for your business by harnessing the power of AI, data & automation with us.

Harness AI, Data & Automation into business assets

In today's business environment there’s competitive advantage to be achieved by smartly embracing intelligent solutions in AI, Data, and Automation. Successful companies recognize the power of data and use it to improve their operations and create innovations.

At HiQ, we believe that tailored solutions are the key to unlocking the full potential of AI, Data, and Automation. One-size-fits-all approaches fall short, when companies’ practices, information systems and strategies are inherently unique. New innovations and the opportunities offered by AI are developing rapidly. This means that all companies, regardless of their existing data expertise, are exploring new territories. We help our customers on their journey in the world of data and artificial intelligence. We identify the solutions best suited to their individual needs and adapt them for business use.

Our mission is to strengthen our customers’ business by improving their AI, Data and Automation capabilities and transforming raw data into a source of added value with both tried and proven tools and the latest emerging ones. We seamlessly integrate data, business insights, and design-thinking to fuel the development of data-driven businesses and innovative solutions.

With our team of skilled experts and diverse range of delivery models, we offer comprehensive services ranging from analyses, research and training to project deliveries, consulting and continuous maintenance and development of systems and automation.

Examples of our services

  • Analyzes: Business, process and data analyzes, studies, hypotheses, and reports

  • Coaching: Teaching, roadmap planning, and change management in AI, analytics and automation skills and capabilities

  • Implementations: Project deliveries and consulting services related to AI, data and automation

  • Seamlessly applying the above within larger IT and business development contexts

We are committed to growing our competence and prowess as a team to provide you with optimal solutions, regardless of your context—be it legacy-ridden or modern. Continuously staying on top of the latest tools, methods, and scientific advancements, we build upon our tried-and-proven set of tools and practices to ensure your success.

Example cases from the field

  • Case energy sector company: We developed a machine learning model for a Finnish energy company to predict the heat consumption of end customers. The model is part of a demand elasticity product, which evens out power peaks in heat consumption by throttling the customers' heat demand in a controlled manner and aims to avoid the use of expensive control power. The three-phase project utilized historical data and machine learning, enabling us to create predictions about the influence of external factors such as temperature, wind direction, and seasonal changes. Read the entire case here.

  • Case Cross Wrap: We’re helping Cross Wrap to automate waste and recycling industrial processes using machine vision. Cross Wrap wanted to improve efficiency and service quality and minimize manual work steps in the industrial processing of their plastic waste bales. Our delivery consisted of the necessary training for the utilization of machine vision and edge computing tailored to the customer's needs, the development of the general architecture of the solution, and the design of a medium-term development roadmap for utilizing Azure's machine vision services. The client appreciated our unique approach, which emphasized understanding needs instead of direct solutions. Read the entire case here.

  • Case Finnish Confederation of Business, EK: The Finnish Confederation of Business and Industry, EK, and its member unions collect and compile statistics on labor disputes and their effects with a modern information system developed by HiQ. The system was updated to state-of-the-art technology, as we implemented an artificial intelligence module based on large language models (LLM) to automate the most time-consuming manual work steps of data collection. The module monitors and classifies the network's news streams and helps to anticipate and report possible labor disputes. The artificial intelligence module collects the data in an easy-to-understand format that is simple to interpret and follow. The previous manual process was substantially streamlined when the processing of pre-identified and digested inputs replaced the need for manual active data collection of network news streams. Read the entire case here.

Want to know more?

Are you interested in hearing more? Perhaps you already have an itch we could scratch, or you’re only starting to brew a hypothesis of a business case? Our multifaceted team is eager to help you, regardless of the status your business may be in regarding tech maturity or other. Contact us!

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