Levi Ski Resort invests in digitalisation and receives a record number of visitors

Finland's leading ski center has succeeded in building a digital ecosystem around its user-friendly mobile application.

In recent years, Levi Ski Resort has invested significantly in developing its customer experience. Digitalization plays a key role in that. All information from snow cannons to cash and ticket sales systems is combined in a visually stunning mobile application, built using HiQ's versatile expertise and the Frends integration platform.

"Together with HiQ, we have built a unique solution that can be used to develop the customer experience digitally. Integrated information serves both customer satisfaction and our organizational development," says Marko Mustonen, Commercial Director of Levi Ski Resort.

The wonderful mobile application helps to visualize Levi's ski slopes with its interactive 3D map. In addition, visitors get real-time information about, for example, location, weather conditions, availability of slopes, transport schedules, restaurants and activities in the vicinity directly to their smartphones.

The application is a true showcase of how real-time data can be collected, processed and combined from different sources into a functional entity. The slope status alone combines information about location, opening hours, length, height, steepness and the amount of snow.

Jukka Rautio, CEO of HiQ Finland, estimates that HiQ and Levi Ski Resort have created something unique in the global tourism market.

"The mobile application combines technology, tourism and nature so that each element beautifully supports the other. This is how we build a distinctive service culture and also inspire other operators in the Nordic countries and the world," says Rautio.

Multi-channel loyalty program 

The loyalty program built on the Frends integration platform enriches Levi Ski Resort's digital ecosystem. Customers receive Levi Black points for every purchase made in the online store, equipment rental companies and selected Levi Ski Resort stores. With Levi Black points, the customer can redeem monetary benefits visible in the application.

In addition, the application enables access to targeted discounts and information. The instant messaging features, combined with the map-centricity of the application, enable a number of ways to delight customers. For example, people can be easily directed to quieter slopes and restaurants.

Rautio estimates that Levi Ski Resort has succeeded in creating a functioning loyalty program that attracts customers and helps the organization develop its services.

"Customers should be offered added value for registering in the application and providing their information. Levi Ski Resort has succeeded in this very well and the possibilities for growth are limitless. We are proud to be a partner of a real digital pioneer who challenges us to continuous innovation", Rautio comments.


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