HiQ and The Finnish Industrial Union cooperating – Hermes mobile app shares reliable information to seasonal migrant workers

The Finnish Industrial Union chose HiQ as a partner to develop Hermes mobile app, which shares reliable information about Finnish work-life with seasonal workers.

Photo ©Sami Perttilä

Hermes mobile app is aimed at seasonal workers with ”non-Finnish” backgrounds and employers in agriculture and forestry. Reliable content is available in five languages: Finnish, Swedish, Russian, Ukrainian, and English. Hermes mobile app is free of charge for its users and easy to use.

“During the past eight years, 18–20 000 seasonal workers have arrived in Finland solely from Ukraine. However, only a few are aware of the Finnish employment conditions. Moreover, not all employers know the rights and obligations of employers and employees. This enables exploitation of employees and unhealthy competition between companies”, says Anu-Hanna Anttila, Head of Research at the Finnish Industrial Union and Project Manager of the Hermes project.

The Hermes project, funded by the WORK2030-programme, is essential not just for the seasonal migrant workers but also for the employers. Therefore, employers' associations in agriculture and forestry are involved in the project. It is a mutual interest to pay attention to rules in working life to avoid exploitation.

The Finnish Industrial Union looked for a technology partner that has a broad knowledge and interest in a working life project.

“We have been content with the efficient and reliable cooperation with HiQ. Their team has been able to move ahead within a tight schedule, and agreeing on different matters has been fluent”, says Anttila.

“We find it significant to participate in a mobile project that helps create a better and more equal world. Everyone has a right to receive the same amount of information, regardless of cultural or linguistical background”, says Jonas Pomoell, Business Director at HiQ.

The project's pilot phase (2022) focuses on sectors based in rural areas, such as berry and animal farms, forestry, and horticulture. However, the project will include more job sectors in the coming years. Simultaneously, more languages are added to the app, depending on the chosen agreement areas.

The WORK2030-programme has funded the Hermes project. The Industrial Union (Teollisuusliitto) administers the scheme. The partners of the project include employers’ organizations (Federation of Agricultural Employers MTA, Yksityismetsätalouden työnantajat ry [represents private sector employers in forestry], Metsähallitus [a state-owned enterprise that produces environmental services for a diverse customer base], and the Migration Institute of Finland.