All-around Digital Loyalty Card in your phone

Do you need a loyalty model that doesn’t clutter your customer’s wallet again with an extra card - one that won’t be forgotten at home?

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Digiloyalty - easy loyalty App for mobile

The number of loyalty cards annoys consumers - why not switch or jump directly to the digital age and do your loyalty on mobile? Get customer communication, satisfaction and loyalty to the next level with Digiloyalty App and increase your sales.

High-Quality Mobile Application

HiQ's Digiloyalty is an application downloadable from Google Play and the AppStore with a high-quality user experience customized for your brand and needs. You have HiQ's internationally awarded design team at your disposal. We will also deliver mobile support and further development tailored precisely to your needs after the release. Ready-made components enable cost-efficient delivery of loyalty mobile applications bränded and customized for your enterprise.

Mobile Loyalty Example
Mobile Loyalty example
Mobile Loyalty Example
Mobile Loyalty example

Always up to date offers and communication

Digiloyalty App provides a platform for your loyalty customer campaigns and other marketing communications. The data is gathered either from an existing system or a new one to be established. At its simplest, a new one can be a fast and inexpensive content management system that can quickly produce other content of interest to the customer. The loyalty program also supports push notifications.

Digital Loyalty card in your pocket

Of course, there is also an easily scanned loyalty card that your customer will not forget home or lose as easily as a physical card. So loyalty app works like a possible existing Loyalty card - on a physical store or online.

Show incentives to your loyal customer

Bonus balances or other elements that strongly incentive the customer are made visible, significantly enhancing the impact. Also, for example, the delivery of the next coupon or level or similar information is visible via Digiloyalty.

Local Trumf bonus points for fuelling and car wash are awarded as the loyalty account is connected to the St1 MasterCard in the app
Local Trumf bonus points for fuelling and car wash are awarded as the loyalty account is connected to the St1 MasterCard in the app

Two-way digital customer service channel

The customer is often interested in information about where they can buy or when the store is open. With the mobile loyalty app, you can easily make these vital information pieces visible to your customers, up-to-date and based on the customer's location. In addition, other customer service channels can also be highlighted, such as telephone numbers, e-mails, chat or other more innovative service channels.

Login and registration

The registration of an existing loyal customer and a new loyalty customer takes place directly in the App. Contact information is maintained in the application, and self-updating can be rewarded. It doesn't matter if you do not yet have a loyalty program solution yet; our concept includes a simple, efficient, cost-efficient and extendable solution from the cloud. The existing customer register will be integrated if needed.

Integrate efficiently

To efficiently connect existing systems, we use the Frends integration platform or customized connections. With the Frends platform, you ensure, among other things, the general usability of the information through the APIs or, for example, compliance with GDPR regarding the distribution and storing of personal information. If necessary, we rely on the interfaces of the existing integration platform or direct custom connections.

We have designed and implemented S-Mobile, Lähitaksi Taximobile, Levi Ski Resorts Total Experience app including Loyalty built with-in and St1 Norway's Snarveiean Loyalty mobile App.

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