Azure and BizTalk integration services

Among FRENDS we also master other integration technologies. Our expertise cover following integration products, platforms and technologies.

Azure Integration Services

Have you selected Azure as your integration platform? We know the Azure integration and data services related technologies. We have provided integration solutions for the following technologies:

  • Azure Event Grid

  • Azure API Management

  • Azure Service Fabric (ent. AppFabric)

  • Azure Logic Apps

  • Azure Data Factory

  • Azure Service Bus

  • Azure Functions

  • Azure Machine Learning

Often our Azure clients face a challenge where some of our services are still tightly rooted in their private network. Our Azure integration platform FRENDS is tackling this challenge by acting on both - Azure and on-premises - at the same time.

When to use FRENDS?

FRENDS vs Azure
FRENDS vs Azure

Intelligent process integration in Azure?

A huge amount of information flows through integration processes and APIs. This data can be used as a teaching material for Azure's machine learning engine. The learning algorithm is selected based on the amount of material and the subject to be learned. After teaching, when a process or API call is executed, it can make automatic choices based on the information already learned. Some examples of the use of machine learning in different industries

  • Automatic fuel pricing based on the total service station margin.

  • Evaluate the content of the electronic work order help field based on historical success rate; what kind of instruction should be that, for example, an installer succeeds on average in their work?

  • Finding anomalies in information flowing through integrations.

  • Predicting failure through information flowing through integrations.

Do you still have BizTalk?

BizTalk installations running in their own private cloud are history. Even though Microsoft still releases new versions of BizTalk, development of the product is not in their priority list. Microsoft is fully focused on its Azure Integration Services.

We at HiQ have transported more than a dozen BizTalk platforms to Azure with the FRENDS integration platform. Ask more about our BizTalk modernization services.

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