Frends is our modern hybrid Integration platform-as-a-Services (iPaaS)- any integration from hyperautomation to full API management = Frends.

What is Frends eiPaaS?

Frends eiPaaS is a enterprise integration-platform-as-a-service.

Centralized monitoring of distributed integrations

In centralized integration, process information flows through the Frends integration system. Integrations are implemented in a uniform and visual manner on the Frends integration platform. Control and monitoring of the integration system are emphasized. Controlling information flows not only monitors the operation of the integration system but also monitors the operation of the business processes of the entire organization from a single point. As part of the Frends software, we also provide a mapping of the service architecture and integration needs before purchasing the integration platform.

The integration - whether it is a simple, timed information retrieval and conversion process, an independent API, or even a micro-service independent of other systems - is fully distributed. Frends enables integration solutions to be run anywhere in the cloud (Docker / Kube). Containers also allow for elastic scalability on-demand - APIs always get performance capacity as needed, and you don't pay for unused capacity.

Making general-purpose interfaces often means doing mini-services. Mini services are small, self-contained, and fast-paced services that encapsulate a single business function. With Frends, you build and publish them quickly with the built-in DevOps features. That's why Frends is an all-in-one integration platform that takes care of API management, API execution, process automation (BPA), and more advanced integration needs, all the way to scheduled file transfers and conversions.

What can the modern enterprise integration platform as a service - eiPaaS do?

A modern state-of-the-art service integration platform can do the following:

  • Managed File Transfers (MFT)

  • Data Mapping

  • Complex Scheduling

  • Development and hosting of APIs

  • Micro-services and mini services

  • API Management

  • Development and hosting of Open Interfaces (Open API)

  • Business Process Automation (workflows)

  • Controlling software robotics as part of an overall process when needed (BPA over RPA)

  • Intelligent Process Automation

Thanks to the Frends integration platform, your IT organization can better meet business requirements and become more agile, flexible, and cost-effective than before. HiQ Finland is the largest Frends supplier in the Nordic countries.

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