Webinar recording: RPA Evolves to Hyperautomation

We hosted a webinar: RPA Evolves to Hyperautomation. You can download the recording below.

Welcome to HiQ Digital Knowledge Tour webinar - RPA Evolves to Hyperautomation

Speaker: Antti Toivanen, Business Area Director, Integrations, HiQ Finland

RPA is rapidly evolving from UI recording into something more capable and intelligent. Different vendors and analytics create new fancy keywords like Intelligent Process Automation, Digital Process Automation, and hyperautomation. What do these terms mean? What is a hyperautomation platform? Have you ever wondered how your organisation can benefit from such technologies?

Download the webinar and get a free update on the evolution of Process Automation and RPA, where integrations, RPA, and machine learning come together as one.


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Antti Toivanen
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