MTV and HiQ Enter a Strategic Partnership

HiQ's agility and professionalism have met MTV's rapidly changing needs.


Rapid growth, intensified competition and the transformation of operations into truly multi-channel operations pose challenges for MTV's ICT operations department to respond quickly and agilely to business requirements. Analytics strongly guides decision-making in MTV, moreover, it also serves as a competitive advantage for MTV's media sales team. This is why Information must be transferred quickly and securely between systems.


MTV is Finland's largest commercial television company. Its core business is in producing local content, and its goal is to be number one in everything it does. The collection and analysis of information is a key to achieving the goal of creating better content and services for consumers. Over the next few years, MTV will continue to transition to Microsoft's Azure cloud services and develop software robotic process automation (RPA) and process automation by centralizing all integrations on HiQ's frends integration platform.


Live media sales system

The collaboration between MTV and HiQ began 10 years ago. During that time, MTV's operations expanded strongly with new and rebranded TV channels. As a result, the media sales system of that time could no longer keep pace with development.

HiQ implemented MTV's new web-based Live media sales system, which created advertising campaigns for TV channels and allocated time for them during advertising breaks. The same Live system also processed data related to ads. Today, the system manages not only channel advertising but also online advertising. HiQ maintains and further develops the Live system.

Frends integration platform to connect the systems

MTV's operational tech stack consists of numerous systems implemented with different technologies. For the systems to serve ongoing business needs, they will need be combined. In this project, HiQ's frends integration platform becomes a crucial player. All of MTV's IT systems, regardless of age and technology, will be harnessed to achieve a common goal. The frends integration platform will simplify MTV's processes by saving time and resources through automation and process transparency.

Consequently, information will move agilely and will be processed to support decision-making and help customers. Frends was selected as MTV's integration platform in the spring of 2017, and planned work to implement all integrations between MTV's systems on the frends integration platform is well underway.

Strong cooperation and joint work bring more rewards

Cooperation is one of MTV's core values. According to Petri Haverinen, MTV's Product Owner, Business Applications, the secret of the long-term cooperation is “HiQ's agility and professionalism meeting our rapidly changing needs. The collaboration is excellent, very straightforward, fun and self-directed.”


Over the years, our understanding of our business has been growing and the service has turned easy to scale in any direction. Measurability is important in projects’ day-to-day operations. We know what cost benefits we have achieved by focusing our efforts, and how much development costs have decreased relative to the benefit achieved.

From the partnership, we want a constant dialogue and mutual business development. We believe that with HiQ, we can innovate and create unprecedented services that benefit both parties.

Product Owner, Business Applications, MTV

Petri Haverinen

HiQ maintains and further develops several MTV services, such as Live,, and is responsible for the continuous development of MTV's integrations with frends. MTV - All Round Media Company MTV is a Finnish media company with its roots firmly in television's early days in 1950s Finland. A small start-up has grown into a media company that broadcasts news, entertains its viewers and creates new experiences 24/7. MTV3, Sub and AVA are free channels popular among the nation. The programmes on the MTV channels can be viewed online via streaming service. Paid content can be watched through the C More service, which focuses on films and series. MTV is owned by Telia Company AB.


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