Viestilehdet Chose the FRENDS eiPaaS

Viestilehdet Oy and HiQ Finland have entered into an agreement to provide FRENDS integration platform.

Viestilehdet valitsi FRENDS -integraatioalustan

Viestilehdet Oy chose the FRENDS integration platform

Viestilehdet Oy and HiQ Finland have entered into an agreement to provide FRENDS integration platform.

During the first phase, with the use of the FRENDS integration platform, Viestilehdet will collect customer information into one centralized data warehouse to analyze it and utilize the results in content and media sales. Manual invoicing will also be reduced and replaced by the automatic transfers to the financial management.

Viestilehdet Oy is undergoing a comprehensive modernization of the overall architecture, and the FRENDS integration platform plays a significant role in this process. FRENDS’ capabilities allow to combine both old and new back-end systems and their data flows. FRENDS will ensure that information is always consistent. Error management will be held from a single place, which will speed up the process of locating malfunction and finding the root causes.

We chose the FRENDS integration platform to accelerate and support the transformation of our IT systems. We are working with Melkki IT to explore market solutions and the HiQ integration platform is best suited to our needs. Now we can take advantage of legacy systems and flexibly replace them as our project progresses. We are particularly pleased with the interfaces and APIs provided and published by the FRENDS integration platform, which we can do on our own.

CIO, Viestilehdet Oy

Kimmo Kallionalusta

"Viestilehdet Oy is a great example of a customer base where we can significantly simplify the process of a major system modernization by integrating the capabilities of the FRENDS integration platform into the project," says Antti Toivanen, HiQ's Director of Integrations. "During the first phase of the project, orders and users’ data modifications made in the purchase channel will be automatically transferred to the background systems," continues Antti Toivanen.


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