HiQ relies on openness and mutual respect in cooperation

HiQ fosters long-term partnerships where openness and mutual respect are key.

HiQ fosters long-term partnerships where openness and mutual respect are key.

Tech Recruiter Linda Karisto works at HiQ as part of a team that is actively focused on growing the company’s talent network and managing subcontracting relationships. Karisto says that when the right expertise cannot be found in-house, it is quickly sought from a network of partners.

"We often have technical criteria that we use to find the right person for our client organisations’ needs. With experience, you learn to listen between the lines to get a sense of what personality type they're trying to find."

According to Karisto, openness towards both customer organisations and partners goes a long way.

"It is in everyone's best interest that the person selected for a project enjoys their role and finds the job meaningful. Long-term customer and partner relationships make it easier to find the right match. You have to be able to talk honestly about your hopes and expectations."

Communication skills are also crucial in technical jobs

One of HiQ's trusted partners is Solidabis, a Finnish software house with whom HiQ has already completed more than ten joint projects. Paavo Koskelin, Head of Application Development at Solidabis, believes that the most important thing is fairness.

"Through our genuine partnership, we can expand what we do. We have attracted great people because we offer the right kinds of jobs. Our professionals get to do what they really want to do."

Head of Application Development, Solidabis

Paavo Koskelin

The strategy is about interesting projects – not entertainment.

"We offer quality tools and good partnerships. We don't try to attract workers with so-called circus attractions. Of course, we do this too, but they should not be the main thing."

Koskelin explains that Solidabis' recruitment process pays special attention to the values and interests of the talents.

"Experience is important, but we also expect you to be outgoing and open. Without adequate communication skills, you cannot succeed in a customer organisation."

Karisto nods and adds that the person’s delivery says a lot.

"You have to trust your intuition. Especially if the role involves communicating issues to the client's business decision-makers, the person's communication skills must be strong enough."

A wide range of projects and smooth communication

Karisto explains that HiQ has wanted to make it easy for partners to get in touch.

"At simplest, you just need to send us a message via a form telling us who you are and what kinds of projects you would like to do. We will respond to all messages. We often get feedback on how easy it is to work with us, because things move forward and we are punctual."

There are plenty of projects on offer in banking, insurance and media, and fields like telecommunications. Karisto says that the feedback from partners is positive.

"Our partners get to be part of big projects, working with other top professionals. We have many big organisations as clients: listed companies, for example. Our talents have the chance to work with modern technologies and often develop their skills in areas that interest them."

Often, projects can be found on short notice.

"A lot depends on what kinds of skills the talent has. If the skillset is not completely niche, a project can be found in a day or a week at best."

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