Explore everyday life in the Frends Operations team

Want to see what an average day working on the Frends Operations team is like and what types of tasks it involves? Read the blog below to find out.

Explore everyday life in the Frends Operations team

Our specialty is our modern eiPaaS integration platform – Frends. Operations team works extensively on Frends-related solutions and is part of our Frends Technology unit in Finland.

The team is responsible for maintaining customer integration environments globally, meaning the team is responsible for virtually everything that happens in our customers' environments once the solutions are in production. The team also implements changes and improvements for our customers and consults on the best practices and solutions. In addition, the team develops proactive tools to streamline fault management and maintains and develops Frends’ product documentation along with product development.

The team consists of ten experts who divide the work according to each team member’s expertise and interests. In addition, you will also work with service managers, developers, as well as Frends’ R&D managers, and customers' system managers.

Typical workday & technology

For example, a typical workday can include problem-solving in the form of resolving support requests and meetings with the team, customers, and other employees. In practice, our work includes troubleshooting and reporting, configuration, installation, and upgrades related to customer integration solutions.

Depending on the individuals’ role, skills, and interests, your work may include internal or external training, community task management, and technical consulting for our clients. It can also include managing and developing development projects, developing tools to increase efficiency, and solving more demanding platform issues.

Frends is the main technology we use. Technologies such as Azure, PowerShell, and SQL expertise, among others, can also be utilized in the role. Thinking like a programmer or experience in C # programming is a plus at work, as Frends is based on C#. Of course, you don't have to know everything. It is enough to have the motivation to learn something new.

Versatility and continuous learning

We have over 500 customers utilizing Frends solutions over the Nordics and Europe. Our customers base operate both public and private side and in different sizes and industries. On a typical day, you can work with several different clients.

A vast clientele brings variety and versatility to our tasks, and it allows you to work with a wide variety of clients, technologies, and people. At the same time, this is undoubtedly the most challenging part of our job. The work requires constant learning of new things and adaptation to different customers’ solutions and operating models.

The work also requires a customer service attitude as well as a firm but relaxed approach. The tasks are suitable for people who enjoy customer work and problem-solving and constantly develop their skills. Curiosity and an interest in learning new things will also help you succeed with your work projects.

The best thing about our team is that we have a good team spirit. Employees are well taken care of, and we have a flat hierarchy. It is also significant that you can influence your job description and tasks at work.

If you are interested in joining the Frends Operations team, please contact Elina Salo (elina.salo@frends.com) to inquire about any openings on the team.


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