How it´s like to work with Frends?

The most valued things in our employee satisfaction surveys are fun colleagues, the intense feeling of togetherness within a non-changing team, and work flexibility.

Working with Frends

The most valued things in our employee satisfaction surveys are fun and humorous colleagues, the intense feeling of togetherness within a non-changing team, and work flexibility.

Work itself is challenging in just the right way, and the tasks and technologies used vary enough but not too much. Our employees valued the meaningfulness of work: developers handcrafted APIs enable fancy mobile apps, and hyperautomation obliterate monotonous, repetitive tasks from someone's workday.

How is it like to work with Frends? Hear out our developers.

We asked our Frends developers what they found important in their work for themselves or to the customers. These are the answers:

"Right from year one, I got to develop Frends and Azure solutions together to the customer. In the second year, my team and I took responsibility for upkeeping and fine-tuning the Azure and Frend solutions. I got to learn Azure in addition to Frends too." -Miksu, developer.

"In integration projects, you get to see lots of different environments and architectures. It is interesting to see how flexibly Frends goes from manufacturing industry integrations to serve the needs of cities, municipalities and other public sector clients. It is great that I can suggest architectural patterns for integration based on my experience as a techie project manager. No need to reinvent the wheel." -Pia, Senior Project Manager.

"Even though Frends is intended for rapid and easy integration low-code development, sometimes I get to code with C# to create new reusable components. That's how I can solve the most complex or non-standard integrations there are." Miksu, developer

"I had listened to the REST API hype for an awhile, but with us, you truly get to develop OpenAPIs to customer systems." -Mikael, Developer.

"Integration consultancy for the customer is the best way to develop my own skill set and get meaningful experience. The tools we use (Frends) are modern and include the latest integration approaches supported at the product level. I find this very rewarding." -Risto, developer.

"It is interesting to learn new customer when I want. As we are not "sold to customers" but work as a fixed team for several customers, the variation of work is just perfect. I genuinely feel that my work is valued and appreciated in our own company and the customer. -Elia, Service Manager.

"Our mission was to migrate BizTalk integrations to Frends iPaas. Biztalk solution was quite a mess even though the case was only to receive data and write it into a database. The original BizTalk solution was so messy that we never managed to understand why it was made as it was. When we told the customer how we streamlined and simplified the solution with Frends, the customer was delighted." -Ossi, Developer.

"Frends R&D develops our platform constantly, and we get to bring all the new fancy features to customers. This brings versatility and responsibility to my work. The best thing about our team is that we genuinely have excellent team spirit. I feel that developers are taken care of, and there are no futile hierarchies. It is also significant that I can genuinely have an impact on what I do." -Jukka, Service & Software Consultant.

"I can see the big picture of customer cases, and there is always positive challenges available. It is fun that customers want to try and use new features and technologies. I also like the customer work where I can get to know new people and talk. In addition - I can test new concepts and patterns for integration solution before I give the specs to developers. This way, I also can keep my skillset up to date." -Lauri, Integration Architect.

"From a developers point of view, it is fun that cases are broad and cover the whole customer need instead of a snippet of it. I truly can see how much the automation level grows in customer." -Karo, Developer.

"Frends, Dell Boomi and Mule went to a bar. After a while, they all want to become Frends." -Developer.


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