Junior-Frendzie career story

Check out our Junior-Frendzie´s career story and read what she thinks is the best thing about HiQ and Frends.

Junior integration developer
Junior integration developer

Junior-Frendzie career story

Check out our Junior-Frendzie´s career story and read what she thinks is the best thing about HiQ and Frends.

How did I end up in the industry?

I've been into computers and technology since I was a kid, so the choice didn't come out of the blue. I first encountered programming when I was in primary school and wanted to make my own website. The hobby was relatively short-lived, as the books I could find in the local library were either in English or too linguistically complex for my age.

However, my interest in the field remained. As I browsed through the different training places and options, the technical field was a clear choice, but the specialization was not - until I came across computer science and computer engineering. Of the two, I chose computer science and was able to start my studies in it.

The road led to Frends through summer jobs

At the beginning of my second year of studies, when it was time to do an internship, I decided to apply for a summer job. I thought it would be a plus, of course, if I could also do my internship and thesis in the same place, but the main thing was to gain experience in my field.

As I was browsing companies and job vacancies in my local area, Frends was one that stood out positively. The projects seemed interesting, the location was good, and the summer job applications were open. So, I decided to apply and luckily, I was selected.

When I applied for a job at Frends, I didn't have a very clear picture of what integrations are. I was familiar with them mainly on a theoretical level, and this theoretical level was also rather vague. The application process allowed me to do some recruitment exercises, which in retrospect gave me a pretty good idea of what the job would be like. As a summer worker, I got a pretty soft landing at work. It was quieter in the summer when everyone was on holiday, so I could test and explore new technologies without rushing. After the summer, I continued at Frends, did an internship, and gradually got better at the job. I also received an assignment for my thesis from Frends, and I am now working on it alongside my work. Graduation is fast approaching.

What everyday life looks like

Nowadays, I do pretty much the same work as other developers, although there is still a lot to learn. My job involves making a lot of modifications to existing integrations. For example, there may be a bug in an integration, and sometimes the mapping or logic needs to be changed. I have also designed and implemented some new integrations and API interfaces. I've also sat in on various meetings and technology reviews, so I've started to get to know the world of work.

Before coming to work here, I had done a few software projects, mainly as school projects. Knowing the structure and dynamics of a software project has been helpful, as I knew a bit about tickets and working in a team. Of course, programming skills and the ability to see the big picture help a lot.

So far at I have learned a lot about different technologies and ways of working. I feel like I learn something new with every project. I have had the opportunity to work with the C# programming language, XSLT, XML and JSON, among others. Little by little, these have all become quite familiar.

The best thing about my job

What I like most about my job is solving problems. When a problem is finally solved, it's a great feeling. Learning new things is also fun, and in a field like this, where you have no previous experience, you learn something new almost every day.

The best thing about Frends has definitely been the good team spirit and the nice, supportive colleagues, the cozy office, the office dogs, and the coffee machine. The job is also flexible, so it's easy to take care of schoolwork, for example, while you're working.

My future goal is to learn more about different technologies and tools and how to use them well and effectively. For this, I believe Frends offers a fantastic, versatile environment.


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Elina Salo
Recruitment, Frendselina.salo@hiq.fi+358 45 677 4160