M365 concept

For effective and secure M365 deployment.

A successful M365 implementation based on a good concept

Deploying M365 services always requires planning and, in particular, consideration of how the various services best support the organization’s business and users. With the Elevate M365 concept, we provide clear guidelines on how an organization can achieve optimal benefits using M365 platform and its various tools. We also plan what actions will be required for successful implementation in terms of deployment.

We know how to combine the needs of your organization and the possibilities of M365 platform into an effective internal communication and collaboration entity.

Examples of concept entities

Teams concept 

Teams concept includes defining needs of your organization, taking into account the different roles and job descriptions. We go through the basics of Teams usage and adapt the use to the needs of each target group. We form the collaboration model of the organization for the use of Teams and plan the change management of working methods at the top level.

We also consider Teams' governance model, life-cycle management, ordering processes, and security and sharing policies. We implement possible configurations and technical solutions, eg Elevate Teamwork manager for managing Teams, taking into account the above. We also offer support in changing working methods into modern collaboration.

Intranet concept 

The communications intranet must meet the communication needs of the entire organization and all of its operations. The information should be easily accessible and discoverable to the user. Especially in the case of global organizations, information often needs to be targeted so that users get relevant information. The need of more than one language and the clear division of content also require planning, which affects both the implementation itself and the content editing.

Eevate M365 Intranet concept typically includes defining and documenting the following - based on Microsoft best practices:

  • M365 as an intranet platform

  • Using of other M365 services as part of the intranet

  • Structure, navigation and languages

  • Content structure plan and page templates

  • Information classification and life-cycle management

  • Home page functionalities and layout

  • News, events and other topical communication

  • Social functionalities

  • Document management

  • Content discoverability and search functionalities

  • Possible special needs, eg urgent notifications, targeting of news, own links..

The final output is the concept documentation, layouts and information architecture description based on the issues discussed in the workshops. The concept can be utilized directly for efficient intranet implementation or it can be used as such, for example in a request for proposal for implementation.


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