HiQ combines UiPath and FRENDS eiPaaS to a Hyperautomation platform

HiQ joins UiPath robotics with the FRENDS integration platform and adds some Machine Learning. The result is a full-fledged Hyperautomation Platform.

HiQ Finland has entered into a resale agreement with UiPath

UiPath provides the tools needed for recording based automation to use with the FRENDS integration platform. We have also integrated machine learning into system integration and process automation.

A combination of FRENDS, UiPath, and Machine learning tools is a platform for something we call hyperautomation. Hyperautomation platform can automate processes directly via system interfaces (FRENDS) or user-interface (UiPath) by recording actions. The ability to automate human work increases when Machine Learning is used as a part of process orchestration in decision making, predictions, or OCR.

By combining the pervasive integration platform FRENDS with Business Process Automatization (BPA) capabilities with UiPath recording and AI the result is a hyperautomation platform. In this platform APIs, API management and Process Automation (BPA or RPA) all live together. Monitoring is easier and processes are more robust as material (files, messages) can be prehandled with the integration platform. Processing in tenfolds faster when using FRENDS in orchestration and automation can be for example the logic of an OpenAPI call.

FRENDS process automation combines RPA and BPA
FRENDS process automation combines RPA and BPA
FRENDS process automation combines RPA and BPA
FRENDS process automation combines RPA and BPA

Read more: https://hiq.fi/en/news/what-are-hyperautomation-and-hyperautomation-platforms/

Webinar recording

Our webinar RPA Evolves to Hyperautomation can be downloaded here:

Hyperautomation in brief: "From RPA to Hyperautomation" (12min)

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