HiQ grows in the German market – Scandio acquires anarcon

HiQ has been on an expansion journey lately, and today the tech-consultancy firm announces the next phase.

The group is growing in the German market for the second time this year as the German subsidiary Scandio welcomes Munich-based agile consulting company anarcon to the team.

"I’m pleased to welcome anarcon and the team to HiQ today! Their knowledge and experience will greatly contribute to our group, and they will strengthen our Atlassian segment significantly and expand our offer in agile consulting. We are growing fast in the German market, and together we will continue simplifying the world with tech,” says Samuel Skott, CEO of HiQ.

In April this year, HiQ announced that the group’s German digital transformation consultancy, Scandio, was acquiring part of Atlassian expert K15t. Today the next step on the journey is announced as Scandio acquires anarcon, an agile consulting company. The company combines knowledge and experience with the right tools to develop solutions for its clients. In addition, they follow their clients from operational innovation and idea to the recognizable effect on everyday business, aiming for joint success.

An agile consultant team with scrum masters and SAFe consultants and an Atlassian consulting team make up anarcon. The agile consulting team expands HiQ’s offer within the segment with the SAFe methodology and certifications from anarcon. Additionally, the Atlassian segment is strengthened and grown by the acquisition. Scandio and anarcon have worked closely together for many years on projects and sales, and the company cultures are a great match. HiQ, Scandio and anarcon are all value-based companies that put clients and employees first.

"I’m very excited that we are becoming a part of HiQ and Scandio! We have had a great relationship with Scandio since the start of anarcon, so it’s a perfect next step for us to take as a business. For us as a company and for our employees it’s a great opportunity to join a big group like HiQ. They will be able to receive more opportunities, the possibility for even greater assignments and get colleagues in more countries around Europe. Additionally, we see a perfect fit in terms of company culture; this was very important for us in the process. The company culture we have built during the years must be cared for. Thank you for the warm welcome, and we look forward to meeting our new colleagues very soon”, says Volker Heuer, Co-founder & CEO of anarcon.

Agile consulting company anarcon was founded in 2017, and is based in Munich, Germany. The company has about 40 employees and will, to begin with, continue to operate under its own name within Scandio. The acquisition grows the HiQ subsidiary to over 200 employees, with six locations all over Germany.

"We are one of the best employers in our segment in the German market today, and we are happy to welcome anarcon and the strong team they are. Our offer is sharper together with anarcon, and to expand our offer within agile consulting makes us even stronger," says Christoph Köberle and Christian Koch, founders of Scandio.

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