iOS apps arrive to Mac App Store

Apple releases new Macs with capability to run iOS apps on Tuesday 10.11. Unless action is taken all apps will be distributed also in Mac App Store.

A mobile phone being wirelessly charged having full screen green
A mobile phone being wirelessly charged having full screen green

Mac features same silicon as the iPhone

New Apple Macs will have the same Apple designed processor architecture as already in use in iPhone and iPad. This enables fluent distribution of apps between the platforms. In practice all iOS apps that do not require features exclusive to the phone function automatically on all new Macs.

Preventing distribution is recommended

The new distribution model means that soon apps that have been designed for phones can suddenly be running in computers. This will produce quirks and issues especially related to user interface, GPS location, cameras as well as call and text message features. Even security related incidents could arise. Basically, at least all apps that rely on phone specific features are compromised. If distribution to Macs is to be prevented, developer specifically needs to remove permission to achieve that. This is recommended action at least in the beginning, before more experience from adaptation is gathered. The switch is found from App Store Connect in Pricing and Availability under Apple Silicon Mac Availability. It can be re-activated at any time.

New channels open new opportunities

For all mobile apps new channels are opportunities that should be approached with open minds. Mac distribution open up new possibilities at least for games, which enjoy improved performance of the hardware. But that’s it. Little other benefits, besides curiosity, have been presented for an average app to join. However, if someone wants to be a forerunner testing should have already started – it can be done with the latest macOS Big Sur 11 Beta version. New Mac with M1 silicon and macOS version were released on Tuesday 10.11. so all actions should be done immediately. If you want you can reach us with the form below - we know how to help.

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