Loimua chose HiQ's integration support services

Satisfied with the frends integration platform, Loimua continues with HiQ as a support partner for its integrations.

Loimua valitsi HiQ:n integraatioiden tukipalvelukumppanikseen
Loimua valitsi HiQ:n integraatioiden tukipalvelukumppanikseen

Loimua has chosen HiQ's integration support services

Loimua, an energy-solution company, has already been using HiQ's frends integration platform for its integrations. Now the cooperation will be further expanded as Loimua's integration solutions also become part of HiQ's support service. In the future, HiQ will provide Loimua with everything related to integrations: platform, development and support.

Integrations at the center of everything

An integration stack is very important for Loimua: As integrations run smoothly in the background, your own operations become more efficient and you have more time to develop new things. In the future, HiQ will also take care of Loimua's possible production problems and ensure that the integrations work properly in all situations. From HiQ's point of view, the collaboration has been successful as the functionality of the integrations rests entirely on the shoulders of the support service and the customer is able to focus fully on their own business.

The initial cooperation with HiQ has worked out excellently, so the Support Service was a natural continuum.

CIO, Loimua

Kimmo Keronen


Loimua offers comprehensive, responsible and competent energy solutions in Hämeenlinna, Janakkala, Hattula, Aka, Heinola, Vilppula, Jyväskylä, Laukaa, Uurainen, Oulainen and Kärsämäki. Loimua produces district heating and electricity, and sells and distributes district heating and natural gas. Customized heating and cooling solutions are always produced locally close to the customers. Loimua's vision is to: Boldly develop, listen and learn as a multi-service company with the best experiences in the energy sector.

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