Pauliina Nikola named the Head of Customer Experience at HiQ Finland and Lamia

Pauliina Nikola has been chosen for developing HiQ Finland and Lamia's customer experience starting from January 13th, 2023.

With the new role, the importance of customer understanding is strengthened throughout the organization, and values ​​are tied more closely to business development.

"It's wonderful that through Pauliina's expertise and enthusiasm, we can ensure that every part of our organization understands our client’s needs. We genuinely want to listen to our customers even more and commit to meeting their expectations. This way we can develop our own work and generate more value for our clients", says Janne Ahonen, CEO of HiQ Finland and Lamia.

Nikola has a versatile background in customer work, marketing, sales, and business development. Her most recent job position was Lamia’s Head of Marketing and Customer Experience. In her new role, Nikola will contribute to strengthening the position of HiQ Finland and Lamia as a visionary tech company. With the merger of HiQ Finland and Lamia, the companies can offer existing and new customers an exceptionally broad range of services that stand out, thanks to exceptional design capabilities and customer-oriented thinking.

"Customers want a visionary and reliable partner who helps them make the right choices and prioritize. One of the most important elements of customer experience is customer understanding. In order to fulfill our promise and exceed customer expectations, we must understand, in addition to the customer's business and needs, what kind of value we produce and what kind of value we could produce in all the touchpoints. Customer experience is the responsibility of all our employees," says Nikola.

HiQ Finland and Lamia bring design thinking to their customer organizations and want to focus on it internally as well. The concretization of values ​​in the production of services is identified as the basis for strengthening customer satisfaction and retention and for creating new relationships.

"By listening to the clients and developing our business accordingly, we are also better able to live up to our values. As a result, our customers and employees feel better and enjoy their work more," says Nikola.

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