HiQ Stage - SATO took a leap towards the digital age, the project was successfully finished with a multitalented HiQ team

Christina Hietanen, who works as a Key Account Manager and Project Manager at HiQ, has had a vantage point with her team when creating the digital OmaSATO service.

HiQ Stage - SATO project team

Christina Hietanen, who works as a Key Account Manager and Project Manager at HiQ, has had a vantage point with her team when creating the digital OmaSATO service, which makes the life of the residents easier - as all practical home related tasks can be handled easy, wherever and whenever it´s convenient.

”Our customer got convinced about our design insight and our end-to-end digital transformation capabilities and competence. Easy to use was an absolute must-have service feature as SATOs customer base is very versatile, meaning that a digital service must be as functional and easy to understand to all users”, describes Christina.

Top-notch HiQ-team gave birth to OmaSATO

OmaSATO´s design process started based on a big picture concept and listening to customers. SATO engaged their customer during the whole development process. A total of nearly 50 people joined in interviews and workshops. In addition, about 100 residents tested the service in the pilot phase.

”We designed and delivered rapidly the first version of OmaSATO service, to be able to gather feedback from the end users, SATO´s business units and management team. We used the Minimum Viable Product phase to test the potential of the service in practice.

The OmaSATO team at HiQ holds a versatile competence profile. There were two designers, developers and architects in the project in addition to Christina. The team worked at the SATO premises. The agile development model´s best practice of working close to the customer proved to be a productive starting point.

Christina wants to emphasize the importance of the team in designing and delivering a successful service. ”It´s important to remember that the true and close teamwork between the individual team members will trim and fine-tune the end result into its heights. This means that team consisting of specialists representing different competences can capture and concretize customer´s ambition and think together how these wishes can be fitted smoothly into processes. It´s vital to bring together developers representing both the front end and the back end. And when the architecture has been designed to be scalable from the start, it means that further development and adding new functionalities and services is easy.”

Positive customer feedback speeds up the further development

”I´m proud of our team that has done a great job. Building this type of a service requires true commitment and collaboration. The residents have given very positive feedback on the new OmaSATO service. We will continue with further development and our goal is to cover even more service areas related to housing, such as neighborhood and communality, on a single digital platform”, describes Christina.

As a part of the service implementation, SATOs digital services were transferred to cloud, utilizing Amazon Web Services platform. SATO prefers open source services and components in their service development.

”OmaSATO is a big leap forward in the right direction, as we want to be more flexible in serving our customers in the channels and at those times that are best for them”, says SATOs CDO Johannes Ervamaa.

What is OmaSATO?

Digital OmaSATO service makes it easier for residents to find information about home, such as rent information, building details or useful tips on available customer benefits, all in one place. Customers now have the possibility to check their personal information regardless of time and place, which saves them time, but also frees time for customer service to handle issues that are more demanding.

SATO is one of Finland's leading rental housing providers. SATO aims to offer a comprehensive choice of rental housing and an excellent customer experience. At year-end 2018 SATO owned around 25,900 apartments in Finland's largest growth centres and in St. Petersburg.

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Photos: Sam Jamsen

Christina Hietanen
Key Account ManagerChristina is at her best with clients solving concrete challenges together with the development team and client experts
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