Teemu Nymander to pilot HiQ Finland sales toward a more strategic direction

Teemu Nymander, HiQ Finland's Vice President, Sales, started in his new role in April. The nomination supports the company’s journey of becoming even more competitive.

"I have known Teemu for over 20 years and have seen his exceptional ability to create new customer relationships and growth with companies in various industries. HiQ's journey to becoming an even more competitive operator requires pragmatic professionals like Teemu, which is why I am very pleased to welcome him to our team", tells Janne Ahonen, CEO of HiQ Finland.

Nymander, who graduated from the University of Technology, built a 22-year career at Accenture, after which he worked at EY and TietoEVRY. He has led sales in, for example, healthcare, the public sector, and the metal, chemical, oil, electrical and electronics industries. Nymander's strength is industry-knowledge versatility and technological know-how combined with a strong understanding of how a company’s strategic goals can be achieved by utilizing existing technologies correctly.

"In the solution business, everything starts from understanding the client company's goals, and what kind of process and technology changes are needed to reach them. It is then the customer's decision what they want to do, where to use partners, and where we can best help them. In our new customer strategy, we focus even more on certain industries and customer segments and aim to build long-term customer relationships, focusing on producing continuous added value", says Nymander.

Nymander views HiQ as a company with an excellent reputation. In his own role, he gets to be close to decision-making and draws on his expertise both in HiQ's strategy and in the digital projects of client companies.

"It's wonderful to be involved in growing a company that has strong deliverability and potential to grow in both current and new industries. With HiQ, projects are done smarter and more focused than average. Even complex projects turn into simple entities that appear to end customers as innovative user interfaces. Strong design expertise and a genuine desire and ability to create inspiring, easy-to-use user interfaces is the strength that sets HiQ apart from many other operators.”

For more information, please contact:

Janne Ahonen, Managing Director, HiQ Finland

Phone: 040 772 5793

E-mail: firstname.lastname@hiq.fi