Timo Maisila joining HiQ to strengthen its automation expertise

Maisila will be tasked with helping HiQ’s client companies and organisations to develop their business profitably.

Timo Maisila is one of HiQ's latest additions. With a master’s degree in engineering and solid experience in process development and automation, Maisila will be tasked with helping HiQ’s client companies and organisations to develop their business profitably.

“My job is to deliver added value to customers with HiQ’s versatile tools. My extensive experience in process development and automation helps me to understand how business operations can be made more efficient with modern solutions," Maisila says.

Maisila has had an interest in rationalising operations since his student days. His thesis also dealt with process management. In his career, Maisila has seen how companies' processes and IT architecture have changed over the years.

"Business operations are taking over from IT in leading development. For example, the BPM process charts used in development are no longer just done at the level of large business processes and systems. Even small tasks are automated, often directly by the business itself."

Building a workable solution requires a keen eye

Maisila's vision is to build an optimal architecture that makes appropriate use of both modern and established technologies.

"We have at our disposal a service portfolio that stands out from the market and can truly bring world-class expertise to digital development.”

Maisila believes that even with the flood of new technologies, the key is to be able to create solutions that save time and resources. The ability to objectively assess the viability of each solution is highlighted.

“For example, integrations are in most cases the cheapest and fastest way to make progress. Their reliability is also proven to be in a class of its own. However, they don’t fit everywhere, either. That's why often the best solution is to combine different technologies – integrations first."

According to Maisila, HiQ is well-placed to help its customers with the digital implementation of their strategy. The recent merger with Lamia Oy gave HiQ even better capabilities, especially in business consulting.

"Service design is at the heart of everything we do, alongside our broad technological expertise."

Growth without forgetting individual well-being

At HiQ, Maisila enjoys the down-to-earth, upbeat culture that he has quickly become part of.

"From the very beginning, I have felt wanted at HiQ. It feels great to be part of a relaxed community that works, spends leisure time, and has fun together. The glue of this community supports us in tight spots and is also reflected in high quality for the customer."

At HiQ, people are valued, which Maisila says is reflected on a daily basis in terms of both interactions and the level of meaningful employee benefits.

"During the working day, you can go to the gym or to an exercise class, and there are also many benefits that make everyday life easier. It was even possible to bring children to the office for childcare in the working days around the Christmas holidays."


Contact for more information

Timo Maisila
Director, Automationtimo.maisila@hiq.fi+358 40 776 0968