Be smart about your data

All digital business is based on data and it keeps on generating more of it. Be smart about it. We can show you how.

Intelligent Usage of Data

HiQ brings intelligent data usage services to support your business. We build solutions to all data usage problems, from data integration and secure processing to the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence-driven analytics processes.

We produce solutions for example To improve productivity

  • maximize existing resources

  • create data based predictions

  • reduce waste

To replace routine work with automation

  • automate the processing of data / files

  • to support the decision-making in specialist positions

  • to respond in real time to customer needs

To create new business

  • identify new customer segments

  • find new earning models

  • deepen your understanding of the current state

  • generate ideas for the future

From data collection to usage of artificial intelligence

Our implementation covers all levels of analytics, data processing, solution commercialization, and more. We help the customer on their way to the world of artificial intelligence from the very beginning - from designing and implementing data collection to evaluating and measuring the business benefits of our solutions. Implementations may involve, for example, simple analytics like data description, optimization problems, or modeling or prediction of things and phenomena. Through close customer collaboration and industry expertise, we provide a clear view of development needs and innovative solutions to identified challenges.

Implementation that is not depended on platform

Integrations are the first step in data collection and design. We often recommend our customers the FRENDS integration platform provided by HiQ, but we also implement solutions without the FRENDS interface. The storage and processing of data is carried out on the most suitable platform for the customer. Our systems always take care of data security and data retention, whether it is a local server environment or a massive cloud storage. We bring the data to the right platform with the right tools. Well-stored and processed data can be utilized in Business Intelligence (BI), further developed into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions, or can be used to create automated processes to drive business. We have the full spectrum of modern machine learning from the latest neural network algorithms to traditional analysis methods. To implement the solution, we always choose the most appropriate machine learning technologies for the best results.

We are happy to help you design the solution and do an agile implementation to desired platform.

A great solution will help you anticipate future challenges

We want our customers to be satisfied with the solutions we make even after the end of the project. We maintain and develop the solutions we build and keep them up to date in a world of ever-evolving technologies.

Utilization of artificial intelligence in companies is growing at an accelerating pace. Finding new innovative solutions and exploiting them requires new thinking and bold experimentation. In addition to solving the problem, a well-executed artificial intelligence project will provide participants with a deep understanding of the problem and thus help identify future challenges.


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