Is your service accessible? Ensure that your digital service is usable to all people regardless of their special needs.

What is accessibility?

Accessibility means that digital service is usable for everyone. Usability in digital service takes into account people with special needs like limited visual, physical or cognitive abilities. Usable digital service is easily accessible with software and devices designed for special needs.

Why you should take accessibility into account when designing your digital service?

Accessible digital service supports equality and makes service usage possible for wider group of users. In Finnish public administration services and those working for them accessibility is defined by law. Paying attention to accessibility when designing digital service also improves overall user experience.

Accessibility guideline's timetable
Accessibility guideline's timetable

How can we help?

HiQ provides experienced professionals to ensure accessibility of your digital service. Accessibility evaluation maps usability of your service in different situations and user groups. You'll receive detailed report about accessibility, problem areas and action plan to fix the problems. It's important to prioritize usability to match the specific needs of your service and user groups as well as ensure regulatory needs are matched in time.

When designing new services our professionals take accessibility into account already in planning phase.


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